'The Fix': Taylor Kalupa reveals that the OJ Simpson murder case was a hot topic on set

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Taylor Kalupa gets candid about how Marcia Clark spoke about the OJ Simpson case on set and her upcoming projects

                            'The Fix': Taylor Kalupa reveals that the OJ Simpson murder case was a hot topic on set

ABC released the first episode of its new series 'The Fix' on March 18. The show is a legal thriller mixed with a confessional and a revenge fantasy. 'The Fix' follows the story of Maya Travis, an LA-based district attorney. After Travis fails to prosecute an A-list movie star for a double murder, she resigns from her job and moves to a ranch in Washington.

Eight years later, the same star is suspected for another murder, and Travis is called back to the DA’s office for a chance at redemption. Taylor Kalupa plays the role of Jessica Meyer, the girlfriend of Sevy Johnson, the star suspected for murder and Meyer is the person Johnson is suspected of murdering now.


In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Taylor speaks about her upcoming projects and reveals how Marcia Clark talked about the OJ Simpson case on set. 

Starting off talking about if they had conversations about the OJ Simpson case on set, Kalupa says, "Oh, you know we do. It is kind of hard not to. Marshall would talk about it a little bit here and there and mostly everyone watched the series 'The People versus OJ', so I think it's just been such a hot topic in general but of course, being on a set with Marcia Clark. We're going to talk about the OJ Simpson case."

Apart from appearing on 'The Fix' Kalupa also appeared on 'Law & Order'. Talking about that, she reveals how it was to work alongside Edie Falco, Miles and Gus.


"I feel like I've just had really great experiences on set. I mean every single day I worked on that show, Edie said 'hi' to me every single day. She was such a joy to work with. I mean you could see her town. I mean she was always so prepared. Miles and Gus, they're two of the nicest guys I've ever worked with. Yeah, when you have other actors in a show that are open-minded and there to have fun as well, it is a great work ethic and helps you connect well. It's the best scenario, it felt like a family."


Kalupa wrote, produced, and acted in 'Unrelated' which was a successful hit. So are there any new projects of her own coming up? She replies: "Yeah, actually I am currently in the early stages of producing a movie that is the true story of a survivor of 9/11 in the Twin Towers and now runs an organization that saves girls from sex trafficking and he has a really really amazing story. He came over from India with $50 in his pocket and got a job at the Twin Towers just a few months before the attack happened. So yeah, we're currently in early stages of producing that and yeah, so that's huge. That's a huge passion of mine — that project specifically."