Woman with tattoo 'addiction' spends over $10,000 on body art including splitting tongue and inking eyeballs blue

The 23-year-old from Australia said she hated the way she looked before and decided to undergo the transformation to change the way she looked

                            Woman with tattoo 'addiction' spends over $10,000 on body art including splitting tongue and inking eyeballs blue
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Amber Luke developed an addiction to tattoos at the age of 16, and by the time she was 23-years-old she had over 50 tattoos on her body, including her blue-colored eyeballs!

Luke, who is from Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia has reportedly spent more than $10,000 on her body transformation. She reportedly underwent extreme body modification, including stretched earlobes to get "pointy" ears and a split tongue.

The body piercer, while talking to Daily Mail Australia, said that she has "no regrets whatsoever" of what she has done with her body, adding: "'I'm absolutely in love with my image."

The young woman, who is also known as 'Blue Eyes White Dragon', said that she got her nickname from her friends who said that she looked like a dragon with her eyes and tongue.

Luke said that she hated the way she looked before, which according to her looked boring, and she decided to undergo body modification.

"I see myself as very plain looking when looking at before and after photos, I absolutely hated the way I used to look. I was boring," the 23-year-old said.

Luke, who has garnered over 21,000 followers on Instagram, said that she was first inspired to get tattooed when she was a teenager and wanted to know what it felt like to get inked.

"As soon as I turned 16, I was inspired by those around me to get tattooed. I craved to know what the feeling was like," she said.

"I developed an addiction at 16 years of age. By the time I hit 18, I already had three tattoos. And when I turned 18, I decided to get my first big piece. Now, I have over 50 tattoos, I haven't been able to count all of them," Luke added.

The self-proclaimed tattoo "addict" also said that she even risked going blind permanently while getting her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink. She described the experience as "very intense and painful" and said that she went blind for three weeks after the procedure.

"The procedure for getting my eyes done was only 40 minutes. It was very intense and very painful. My eyes got held open while a syringe was injected into my eye four times per eye. I was blind for three weeks," Luke said.

The body-piercer added that her tongue split procedure was very uncomfortable too as she could not speak or eat for nearly a week after she got it done.

"My tongue split was very uncomfortable as well, I wasn't able to speak or eat for a week afterwards," she said.