Is Tarik Myers having an affair with Minty? '90 Day Fiance' star Hazel Cagalitan suspects him of cheating

Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Meyer's hunt for a girlfriend might ultimately be the reason why this couple could call it quits

                            Is Tarik Myers having an affair with Minty? '90 Day Fiance' star Hazel Cagalitan suspects him of cheating
Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers were dating Minty (tarik_myers/Instagram, TLC)

Most '90 Day Fiance' couples find it hard to stay happy together. Between culture shocks, language barriers, money issues and in some cases, catfishing, the relationship cycle of couples on the show doesn't always survive the test of time. 

While most of them struggle to keep the partner happy, Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan are on a whole different level. They are still actively on the lookout for a girlfriend. 


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The pair have been on the prowl for someone to date them, and ever since Cagalitan has come to the USA, she's been wanting to get into a relationship with a woman as she's bisexual. The pair even signed up on a couple's dating site in hope of finding the woman of their collective dreams.

However, there seems to be a problem in terms of compromising as they both have different preferences. While Cagalitan wants to date a brown woman, Myers is known to have a preference for Asian women, especially Thai.

Cagalitan had them break up with their previous girlfriend, Minty, over the fact that she was jealous of how close Meyers and Minty were, so no Thai women restriction there when it comes to their dating life.

With the pair lucking out and unable to find the right match, Myers suggests that they should get in touch with Minty for an outsider's perspective on what they got right and wrong when they were dating her. Cagalitan is opposed to the idea, seeing that she doesn't believe Minty has any advice to offer and she doesn't want Myers contacting her either. They call Minty anyway and sit down to discuss their dating life. Cagalitan makes her disinterest evident via call and even asks 'why?' when Minty suggests that she should at least be friends with her, seeing that they did date.

Minty also offers to help the couple find a new girlfriend, but raised a valid question "Tarik's likes Thai women. You have to be compromise(ing) about it. So why not me?"

Cagalitan doesn't let the comment slide and immediately gets on Myer's case, seeing that she suspects this call was Meyer's attempt to get her to start dating Minty again, so that the three of them could be in a relationship together. Cagalitan suspects that Myers is hiding something from her. Minty points out that she senses Cagalitan is still jealous and no matter who they date, she will always be jealous when she sees him with another woman.

She made it clear that even if they get married, it's unlikely that they'll be happy. Meyers expresses his exasperation to the producers — he doesn't understand his fiance's jealousy, especially since she already has the K1 visa and that she'd always come first.

Cagalitan, unfortunately, does not feel the same way. In her confessional, she made it clear that she doesn't trust Meyers and if she doesn't trust him, she doesn't want to marry him. By the looks of it, the couple's attempt to find a third wheel might just end up being the reason they break up.  Do you think their relationship will survive this test? Looks like we've to wait and see.



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