'Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!': Is David being awful to Goli because she knows the truth about him? Fans think so

'Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!': Is David being awful to Goli because she knows the truth about him? Fans think so
Goli Samii and David Adefeso (WE tv)

With each passing episode of 'Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!', fans are beginning to dislike Tamar's boyfriend David Adefeso more and more. It all began when Tamar roped in Goli Samii to help her with analyzing her dreams and reach her highest potential. Goli happily took on Tamar as her client, but before beginning their work together, Goli insisted that Tamar follow certain rules so that the whole process can yield better results. The rules prescribed by Goli included no drinking, smoking or having sex, and also maintaining a dream journal.

While Tamar was happy to oblige to all the rules, David had an issue with the rule of no sex. He began questioning Goli's intentions and approach of helping Tamar. In an earlier episode, we saw him accusing her of practicing witchcraft and being a witch. But things went a bit far on the latest episode when he insisted on speaking to Goli one-on-one. David, Goli, and Tamar turned off their mics and didn't let the cameras into the room, while they were talking to each other.

The producers could be seen anxiously waiting outside the room wondering what was going on inside. We could occasionally hear shouts from inside. David was heard shouting at Wendy and asking her not to break his family apart, while Wendy called him out for being negative. Later after all of them got out of the room, David once again expressed his suspicions over Goli's intentions. While she, on the other hand, pointed out how he was very negative and had an evil aura around him.

She also explained that David was being harsh to her because she knew that he wasn't a nice guy and he shouldn't be in Tamar's life, and he was afraid that she might expose him. When fans heard Goli's theory, they too agreed with her. A fan tweeted, "David wanted mics off n no cameras because he wanted to show n be who he really is. Goli called him out he is a fame hoe n was using Tamar. WATCHING THIS SERIES I COULD SEE THAT! WHO GETS IN A WOMAN FACE? CLEARLY U  GOLI TELL HIM 2 GET OUT HER FACE. #GetYaLife." Another user wrote, "It seems Goli was right about David the entire time. #GetYaLife." "Say what you want about Goli, her perception of David seems to have been spot on! #GetYaLife #WEtv #TamarBraxtonGetYaLife," seconded a fan.




"Let me tell you Goli saw David’s BS when she first met him! Wish she would have listened to her! I wonder if Tamar called her today would she answer? One by one David was working to get people out of her life. But the devil is a lie! #GetYaLife #TamarBraxtonGetYaLife," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "They done broke Goli! It’s interesting watching this stuff now knowing where they are now. David is a whole snake and sis was getting too close to removing that mask #GetYaLife."

'Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life' airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on WEtv.

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