Disturbing video shows Taliban BEHEAD Afghan soldier, celebrate with his severed head

'We are focusing on lifting the lives of our people....creating jobs for our people, building a welfare state,' said Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen

                            Disturbing video shows Taliban BEHEAD Afghan soldier, celebrate with his severed head
There have been rising instances of Taliban brutality amid the idea of a transformed Taliban 2.0 (Representational Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

A horrifying video of the Taliban in Afghanistan has emerged online, which shows the militants celebrating with the severed head of an Afghan soldier. It is believed that the extremist group executed the soldier in a barbaric manner, and then paraded with his head while chanting their war cry 'Mujahideen'. The disturbing 30-second footage surfaced in an online chat room on September 11, 2021. Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen spoke to BBC claiming that they were devoted to building a welfare state in Afghanistan. 

Despite increasing reports of brutalities across the country, The Taliban leadership continues to claim that they had changed significantly from the bloodthirsty Islamic jihadists of the early 2000s. In this regard, Shaheen stated, "We are the people of Afghanistan. Many of us were doing the jihad, the resistance, against then Soviet Union and now the 20 year occupation by the US and allies. Now, we are focusing on lifting the lives of our people, the construction of Afghanistan, creating jobs for our people, building a welfare state." He further added, "If I compare it to the past, we had a domestic war, fighting. But now we are focusing more on our economic activities, on creating jobs, expanding education, other needs of the people."


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Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, they have consistently floated the idea of Taliban 2.0, which hinted at their "changed outlook" in governance and nation-building, particularly with regards to women's rights. However, with each passing day, the instances of brutalities being reported from across the country are reminiscent of the dark past, when Afghanistan reeled under a terrorist regime. 

Addressed the question of violence, Suhail Shaheen said, "Violence is not the official policy. If everyone wants to have a demonstration they should get permission from the minister interior and state the demonstration will take place," adding that even protests would be permitted but with official permission from the interior ministry. 

"With no freedom of speech we go into a dictatorship which is against the rules of Islam. But we do not want a chaotic situation to be brought and we had some ISIS people posing at demonstrations trying to get into the presidential palace and explode themselves," he continued. He also assured that further investigation will be conducted into reports of attacks on journalists. 

Hours after Shaheen's interview with BBC, the gruesome video clip started being circulated online, which featured six Taliban men holding rifles while another holding two bloodied knives. The militants can be seen carrying the man's head with loud chanting and singing before they start praising the Taliban supremo Hibatullah Akhundzada. The dead man can be identified as an Afghan soldier from the dark green military uniform on his body. 

Barely a few days ago, it was reported that Taliban executed Rohullah Azizi, the brother of Afghan Resistance Fighters' leader Amrullah Saleh. "They executed my uncle. They killed him yesterday and would not let us bury him. They kept saying his body should rot," Rohullah's nephew Ebadullah Saleh reported to Reuters. 

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