'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' Episode 14: Will Lee Yeon attack Taluipa to save Ji-ah? Gumiho offers Imoogi a deal

Episode 14 will see Lee Yeon and Tae-ri, the Imoogi, strike a deal. Is this also a plan or is Lee Yeon out for revenge?

                            'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' Episode 14: Will Lee Yeon attack Taluipa to save Ji-ah? Gumiho offers Imoogi a deal
Lee Dong-wook and Jo Bo-ah(tvN)

'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' saw Taluipa, the lady who guards the gate of the Samdo River in the underworld and her husband engage in an argument about Ji-ah's (Jo Bo-ah) death. Turns out Taluipa is doing the exact same thing that had caused their son to die. She had then added her son's lover's name to the list of dead people and this ended up depressing Bok-gil enough to lead him to killing himself. He cannot even reincarnate and this has hurt them both. However, Taluipa is repeating the exact same thing with Ji-ah by adding her name to the dead people list prematurely and her husband is shocked that she has not learned her lesson. 

Taluipa surprisingly doesn't seem guilty. She rightly said that it was her job to ensure that a balance is struck and if Ji-ah's premature death was the only way to save hundreds of lives that would very soon become victims of the Imoogi's virus, she must do her best. However, she does it all without Lee Yeon's (Lee Dong-wook) knowledge and in 'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' Episode 14, he will find out the truth. He begs her to give him three days time to capture and bring Imoogi to her, but she doesn't seem to agree and this is despite showing how he had been successful in removing a fragment of Imoogi's piece from Ji-ah's body. 

In the meantime, we also see Ji-ah being captured by Imoogi because at this time we hear Lee Yeon make a deal with the Imoogi. He says he will give Imoogi Taluipa in return for Ji-ah. The promo also saw Lee Yeon take out his sword in the underworld office and this shocks Taluipa, but is all of this a ruse to lure Imoogi in? If it is, will Lee Yeon succeed?

As of now, it looks like he is in for a lot of pain, so can Lee Rang (Kim Beom) come to help Lee Yeon? We did see Lee Yeon specifically ask Lee Rang for help, but what it was, was something that was left in the dark. 

Meanwhile, we also see Yu Ri reach out to Shin Joo again and this time, surprisingly, it is Shin Joo who walks away from her. What is worse is that he does so in anger and even tells her that she shouldn't make him regret that he had ever loved her. This makes us wonder, has she already begun working for Tae-ri (Lee Tae-ri)? If not, what did he say to get such a reaction? We will see all this in the upcoming episode. 

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