Takeaways from 'Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse' trailer: Unique and breathtaking animation coupled with Marvel's patent humor

'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' will look to establish a whole new cinematic universe for Spider-Man with Miles Morales' superhero at the helm

                            Takeaways from 'Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse' trailer: Unique and breathtaking animation coupled with Marvel's patent humor
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Marvel will look to expand its domination in the superhero sphere in the animated movies market as well with its upcoming computer-animated 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.' Following a brief look at how the movie will shape out to be this past December, Sony, who own the rights to the friendly neighborhood superhero, have released another trailer that delves into a little bit more detail.

While the first teaser trailer of the Sony Pictures Animation project instantly enthralled and captivated users for its unique painting-esque style of animation that felt in a way reminiscent of 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' — a little less surprising considering that its directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, are producing this film as well — the second added a bit of backstory into Shameik Moore's Miles Morales, a half-Puerto Rican, half-African-American with a Brooklyn upbringing.

Set in the Spidey-verse where there are multiple Spider-Men, 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' follows Morales as he learns of his abilities and the existence of others like him. But Morales is a rookie and he needs guidance, so who better to provide that than the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker?

Parker, voiced by Jake Johnson and who is now middle-aged and still broke, realizes that Morales is special and takes it upon himself to bestow upon him the tips and tricks he picked up in his decades of experience swinging from the Big Apple's skyline. 

The premise and the antagonists of the movie have been kept closely under wraps, though the trailer does hint at the possible villains. We already know that crime lord Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, voiced by Liev Schrieber, will be in the movie and there's also a surprise appearance by Hailee Steinfeld's Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen at the end.

Furthermore, Academy Award-winning 'Moonlight' actor Mahershala Ali will be voicing Aaron Davis/Prowler, Miles' uncle, Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) will be the voice behind Jefferson Davis, Miles' father, and Lily Tomlin ( I Heart Huckabees) will be voicing Aunt May Parker.

While the unique style of animation immediately caught the eye and earned all the plaudits, what was also apparent is that 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' still retains the patent light-hearted and quirky humor that has become a running theme of all Marvel movies and made their films such roaring successes at the box-office.

The dialogues seem to be on point as well, with Parker telling Morales that he can't think about saving the world, but instead about saving just one person. Him telling his young protégé, 'One thing I know for sure, don't do it like me. Do it like you,' seemed oddly poignant as well and indicates that the animated film won't take the easy way out of borrowing moments from its live-action predecessors.

Instead, the trailer arguably beckons a new beginning for the franchise which has already seen six movies, three different actors, and two reboots in the past century alone; a Spider-verse that looks set to put Marvel on par with the highly-lauded DC in the animated features category. 

Both Lord and Miller expressed their excitement at the film: "We are lucky to have such an amazing cast of funny, genuine creative souls to populate the Spider-verse. They have generous minds and great big hearts. And they have very talented throats."

"Which is where their delightful voices come from. We can’t wait for the world to see Miles Morales on the big screen. He’s such a fun and exciting new character, and telling his story through a revolutionary visual style makes for a totally fresh cinematic experience that, if we may say so, is freaking amazing."

'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' is set to be released on December 14 this year.