From Taika Waititi to Daniel Radcliffe, here's how celebs are spending time in coronavirus lockdown

From Taika Waititi to Daniel Radcliffe, here's how celebs are spending time in coronavirus lockdown
Taika Waititi, Karen Gillan, and Daniel Radcliffe (Getty Images)

Taika Waititi made waves earlier today when he jokingly announced that he would be retiring from directing to pursue a career sewing terribly ugly stuffed toys. With coronavirus concerns keeping everyone in lockdown, he's been keeping himself occupied for the duration of the quarantine. The 'Thor: Love & Thunder' director shared pictures of his creations on Twitter, saying, "I'm quitting film. It's the right thing to do when you can bring so much joy to the world with your sewing." 

He's not the only one who has been finding creative ways of spending time during the lockdown. Celebrities have been spending more time with their family, diving into video games, pursuing crafting projects, and interacting with their fans online in public, online viewing parties of their movies or television episodes. 

Some efforts do, however, leave a little something to be desired, and perhaps in time, Waititi's sewing skills will grow to equal his stellar direction. 'Avengers' star Paul Bettany has shared a special recipe his son Kai has invented, dubbed the "Quarantini." The recipe is rather straightforward — warm vodka in a glass — but as he points out, what's important "is that it feels achievable."

Meanwhile, Karen Gillan has been connecting with her 'Doctor Who' fans, joining Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill for a rewatch of the very first 'Doctor Who' episode featuring the three of them together with the hashtag #FishCustard — referencing the first food Smith's doctor was able to tolerate.

'Captain Marvel' star Brie Larson has been catching up on the Nintendo Switch craze, 'Animal Crossing,' asking fans to share their own progress in the game. Catching the elusive string fish has proven difficult, but the star is not giving up hope yet!

Actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared on the special home version of Stephen Colbert's late night show, 'A Late Night with Stephen Colbert' to talk about how he's been holding up during the quarantine, and shared an image of the giant Jurassic Park Lego set he'd constructed — complete with a giant T-Rex. 



A lot of celebrities have been appearing in their casual, stay-at-homes in their appearances on late night talk shows, all held via video calls online to enforce quarantine. Finding their own ways to keep safe, busy, and occupied during this time of social distancing, it's important to remember this message from Samuel L Jackson from his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - "Stay the **** at home." 


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