Syfy Wire's 'The Great Debate' Season 1 Episode 1 Highlights: Mr. Miyagi or Yoda – who's the greatest sensei?

The 30-minute episode featured blasts from the past, an iconic fictional character comparison, some green-screen pitches and a winning slogan

                            Syfy Wire's 'The Great Debate' Season 1 Episode 1 Highlights: Mr. Miyagi or Yoda – who's the greatest sensei?

Syfy Wire's 'The Great Debate' got off to a rollicking start with actor and host, Baron Vaughn and this trusty computer DB-8, kicking off the proceedings with four insanely talented and funny guests – Orlando Jones ('American Gods'), Adam Savage ('Mythbusters'), Amber Nash ('Archer') and Jonah Ray ('Mystery Science Theater 300').  The 30-minute episode with a bunch of debates featured gadgets of the yesteryear, an iconic fictional character comparison, some green screen pitches and one final debate.

The first round called 'Debattle Royale' asked the question: "What gadget is due for a comeback?" and the responses were downright funny with Jones taking the round. He picked up the Motorola Brick Phone, while Savage picked a palm pilot, Amber a laser disk and Jonah a Zune MP3 player. Jones' explanation of the Brick "phone used to practical tonk the daylights out of someone" won him the round. 

Up next was the epic battle between Jones and Savage for picking the noblest steed. Their options, Battle Cat from He-Man or KITT – the car from Knight Rider. While Jones supported Battle Cat, Savage sided with KITT and rattled out a bunch of facts that won him the round for some thorough research. Nash and Ray faced-off in a round where they'd have to pick a bunch of fictional friends they'd roll with. While Nash picked the Golden Girls, Ray picked the Cheers. 

Their green screen round was perhaps the funniest as Ray campaigned for the ducks shot during 'Duck Hunt' — a popular game back in the day. "Hey Hey Ho Ho, Nintendo Go! Go!" his slogan won him the round even as Jones tried beating him by being a sportscaster announcing the arrival of a teen wolf participating in sports.  In the end, it boiled down to the great debate between Jones and Ray who went toe-to-toe about who was the greatest sensei in history? Mr. Miyagi or Yoda.

"Wax on, Wax Off" and the fact that "he was on earth" made Mr. Miyagi the clear winner, while Jonah tried to bring Baby Yoda into the picture. However, Jones had made his case and that made him the winner of the day.  In all, it was a great episode that had enough blasts from the past to leave the fans roaring with laughter. 

Syfy Wire's 'The Great Debate' airs Thursdays 11 PM ET on SYFY. 

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