SYFY Wire's 'The Great Debate' Episode 3 Highlights: Darth Vader or Joker? Who's the baddest boss?

From choosing the best side-arm in film genre to debating whether the Bat-signal was awesome or absurd, the episode had it all

                            SYFY Wire's 'The Great Debate' Episode 3 Highlights: Darth Vader or Joker? Who's the baddest boss?

Tonight's episode of Syfy Wire's 'The Great Debate' had some interesting topics that celebs shared their thoughts on. The guests of the evening were Lauren Lapkus ('Orange Is the New Black'), Steelo Brim ('Ridiculousness'), Akilah Hughes ('Making Fun With Akilah and Milana') and Mike Lawrence ('Monster Squad'). From choosing the best side-arm in film genre to picking a terrible boss between Darth Vader and the Joker, this episode had it all. Here are the highlights:

Akilah's choice of side-arm weapon: Spider-Man's web shooter

It was a contest between Green Lantern's ring, a lightsaber and Wolverine's adamantium claws, but Akilah's "shooting out jizz" was a termed the winner.


Akilah vs Lauren - Bat-signal: Awesome of absurd?

While valid points were made on both sides, Akilah took the round as she highlighted the importance of it being a non-disturbing signal even though Lauren felt all that had to be done was pull the plug and the signal would be gone. However, it does seem Baron Vaughn and DB-8, the hosts, agreed more towards Akilah's reasoning.

Steelo vs Mike - Best catchphrase in films

Steelo went with "Bond, James Bond" and he had his reasons. The phrase gave a sense of confidence and it just represented all the cool things a guy could ask for in life. That said, it was still Mike's pick of Homer's "D'oh!" from 'Simpsons' that made him the winner. It was a line that could connect and it wasn't said throughout 25 films!

Lauren vs Steelo - Hawkins or Metropolis: Which is the worst place to live?

While Lauren picked Hawkins as she associated herself with Barb (one of the characters from the show), she also spoke of how she'd be there for a minute and gone the next after monsters would either kill her or trap her in another dimension. Steelo wouldn't pick Metropolis. "Superman is always destroying things." and he also took a dig saying aliens or monsters are the best things to happen for Indiana making him the clear winner of the round.


Between a Cantina aboard a Star Wars ship and a security guard at Jurassic Park, there were enough points that had the audience in splits. Lauren's "minus-5" for all the drawbacks on the ship— No cleaning droid, dirt on the ship, two aliens banging at the far end, were all arguments that made her the winner of the round even as Mike made some key points as a Jurassic Park guard.

Akhilah v Steelo- Indy: Hero or Zero

Harrison Ford might be a cult phenomenon as Indiana Jones, but he wasn't Akilah's favorite. From calling him a thief to a guy who cosplayed a Nazi, he also took a swipe at 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull' for it's alien connect. Steelo called him a real professor and a fashion icon to every promoter in Los Angeles, but that wasn't enough to give him the win.

The final debate: Darth Vader or Joker- Who's the baddest boss?

Joker was slammed by Akilah for killing a man with a pencil. He wore clown make-up and he's unpredictable. No set goals for his employees unlike Vader who has a mission — kill meddling kids. Lauren called him as a character who looked like a chewed-up gumball without when he took off his helmet and he was fascist at the same time. 

Akilah's theory of Joker being a terrible boss made her the winner of the day. SYFY Wire's The Great Debate' airs on Thursdays at 11 pm ET on Syfy.

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