Sydney Sweeney tears up on IG Live after trolls call her 'ugly', fans say ‘leave her the hell alone’

'How tf are y'all cyberbullying on Sydney Sweeney when she's literally the best looking on euphoria? Smh,' said a fan

                            Sydney Sweeney tears up on IG Live after trolls call her 'ugly', fans say ‘leave her the hell alone’
Sydney Sweeney said 'people need to be nicer on social media' (Getty Images)

There have been several incidents where public figures have been trolled brutally on the Internet without any valid reason and the latest to face the heat was the gorgeous ‘Euphoria’ star, Sydney Sweeney. The talented star was trending on Twitter over the weekend after she broke down in tears on her Instagram Live while addressing the latest unfortunate incident.

The 23-year-old starlet, who later deleted the IG video from her official account, was seen shedding tears after an unknown thread on Twitter dubbed her as ugly, saying, "I’m gonna FORCE y’all to look at her”, reported the Daily Mail.


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‘People need to be nicer’

According to the Daily Mail, the versatile actress looked visibly upset as she cried over getting bullied. In a now-deleted post, the actress addressed the issue and said, “I think it’s really important for people to see how words actually affect people.” She continued, “I know everyone says, “You can’t read things,“ and “you shouldn’t read things,” but like, I’m a f**king person!' 'People need to be nicer on social media because this is really f**ked up.”

Sydney Sweeney first got noticed in 2018 after she appeared in the Netflix series, ‘Everything Sucks!’. She then got a tremendous response on her brief yet substantial role in Hulu’s award-winning series ‘The Handmaid's Tale’. Sweeney has also acted in HBO’s 2018 miniseries ‘Sharp Objects’. However, it was HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ which made her a household name. She starred as Cassie Howard, a sexually inclined yet sensitive high schooler. The show also starred Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Sophia Rose Wilson, Barbie Ferreira, and Alexa Demie in prominent roles. Sweeney was also spotted in Quentin Tarantino's 2019 ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ where she portrayed the role of a member of the Manson family.



'Leave Sydney Sweeney the hell alone’

A lot of social media users came out in support of Sweeney as they slammed the trollers for calling her ugly. Speaking on the same lines, one user said, “Not someone calling sydney sweeney ugly…you must be blind.” Another individual chimed in and said, ‘I don’t think y’all understand how talented sydney sweeney’s not easy playing cassies role in euphoria or just being and actress in general and she’s a full on mechanic- not to mention drop dead gorgeous like come on.”

The next one posted, “On some real s**t though Sydney Sweeney tho actually gorgeous and seems to be a genuinely nice person irl. Plus she’s doing an amazing job on euphoria and I loved her in Nocturne. I hope she doesn’t let the internet bring her down.” One tweeted, “I don’t really know who Sydney Sweeney is I just know she’s on Euphoria but she’s so gorgeous inside and out I hate that people are being so mean to her rn.” The other shared, “How tf are y'all cyberbullying on Sydney Sweeney when she's literally the best looking on euphoria? Smh.” One user concluded, “Leave Sydney Sweeney the hell alone. She's a pure cinnamon bun of a young lady. And an essential part of the Euphoria ensemble. Though is ironically fitting one of the sweetest character of that incredible cast is the one, in spite of her sweetness, is dealing with this.”








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