SXSW 'Dirty' Review: Two boys getting intimate explores need for sex education among the queer community

This short film portrays the first time two teenage boys try to get intimate and things go wrong

                            SXSW 'Dirty' Review: Two boys getting intimate explores need for sex education among the queer community
Marco and Graham (Amazon/SXSW)

There are many reasons why sex education is important for everyone. 'Dirty' explores why it's vital for the queer community through two high school boys — Graham and Marco — who decide to get intimate. They are young and the only preparation that Marco does for his first time is to watch porn. The one thing that everyone who has ever had sex of any kind can agree on is that your experience will not be the same as what you watch, or even similar to what you have seen. 

Marco is definitely anxious, shy and nervous about all of this. But his boyfriend Graham is sweet and helps him explore his sexuality with patience. It is beautiful how the film portrays the intimacy between the two boys. So, when Graham asks Marco what he wants to do, Marco replies shyly that he would like to bottom. Graham agrees and before they proceed any further, Marco takes a shower. As far as he knows, that is all one has to do to prepare to be a bottom. 

One might wonder why he didn't google "Bottoming 101" but do highschoolers really google "how to", especially when it comes to sex? How insecure would that seem, and the peer pressure to look like you know everything is beyond comprehensible and that is exactly what happens to Marco. So once Marco is done showering, Marco and Graham begin again and this time the two of them manage to successfully have sex and have a memorable first time at it. That is until Graham notices something and he runs out to get some towels from the bathroom. 

Marco wonders what's wrong and he looks at the sheets to realize that preparing to be a bottom is not as simple as taking a shower. He hasn't heard about douching and without douching, Marco has literally sh** the sheets. As soon as he sees it, he freaks out but Graham tries to calm him down. Graham tells Marco that this is not the first time something like this happened to someone. However, Marco's embarrassment doesn't let him calm down and, in fact, his anger is at himself. The question that he repeatedly asks is, "how would I have known that this would happen?" 

Graham is a great companion because not only does his understanding help Marco, it also helps Marco accept the first fumble of his during sex. Graham even accompanies Marco to get the sheets laundered and that is quite sweet. In fact, apart from understanding the importance of teaching children about sex, there is also a lesson here about intimacy and consent. 

Director Matthew Puccini won the SXSW Grand Jury award for the narrative short. 

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