Swingers get swingin': Jealous partygoer assaulted man who asked his wife for help putting on a sock!

David Tillyer, a director of a property company, objected to his partner Evelyn Hodder helping John Watson put his sock on.

                            Swingers get swingin': Jealous partygoer assaulted man who asked his wife for help putting on a sock!
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A swingers' party witnessed an ugly turn of events when a man accused another of trying to charm and seduce his partner as she helped him get dressed, resulting in a violent fist-fight.

According to reports, Evelyn Hodder was assisting John Watson in getting dressed and was putting his sock on when her partner, property firm director David Tillyer, questioned his manhood.

According to Tillyer, 47, Watson was propositioning his partner at the New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball in Blackpool. The Daily Telegraph reported that 50-year-old Watson, a hotelier who is also an ex-serviceman, then punched and headbutted Tillyer, who was injured badly enough to need hospital treatment.

Apparently, when Hodder and her partner headed to the changing room to pick up their clothes, she was just wearing lingerie.

Tillyer then saw Hodder helping Watson put his sock on, which led him to ask, "What sort of man needs help putting a sock on?" 

The Preston Magistrates' Court heard that Watson immediately jumped from his seat and violently pushed Tillyer into a toilet door and broke it. He then attacked him further as he was trapped under a sink.

The incident caught the attention of other swingers, who ushered Tillyer from the venue to his hotel after splitting the pair up. Staff at the hotel did not want to inform the authorities about the altercation.

According to Tillyer, he was the victim of "a really violent attack. This is a place we know and we feel comfortable in.” 

He says that although they had traveled from Nottinghamshire for the ball last year, he was only there to observe the sex and not take part in it himself.

Watson's attack left Hodder shaken. "I saw at least one punch," she said. “I was shocked and when my partner left I stayed for a time, sat next to a four-poster bed before I left and went for a taxi. I went back to the hotel and then police arrived.”

However, Watson says although he was drunk that night, he had only asked Hodder for help putting his sock on owing to his arthritis.

“I asked the woman to help me putting on a sock because I have arthritis. Her partner intervened and I called him a d-------. I did push him but there was no room to swing my hands. I believe his injuries were caused by him falling in the sink and hitting his head on a tap," he said.

Investigating police officer PC Steve Johnson told the hearing: “This venue has guests of a certain nature. They do not have CCTV because of the possible embarrassment factor.”

As of now, Watson, who hails from Blackpool, has been found guilty of actual bodily harm after repeatedly headbutting and punching Tillyear at the Infusion club. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Having said that, in a conversation with Daily Mail, Watson said he plans to appeal the decision and denies ever punching or headbutting the victim.

"We’re going for an appeal – they have convicted me on absolutely no evidence whatsoever," he said. "There’s absolutely no evidence, no CCTV. I think it's outrageous."