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Is ‘Swindler Seduction’ based on real-life events? Truth behind Liftetime’s ‘chilling’ true crime film

Lifetime releases a brand new true-crime thriller about a sadistic deception through seduction
Colton Haynes as Steve in 'Swindler Seduction' (@coltonlhaynes/Instagram)
Colton Haynes as Steve in 'Swindler Seduction' (@coltonlhaynes/Instagram)

“Have you ever been seduced by someone who wasn't who they said they were?” asks a voiceover at the beginning of the teaser of the true-crime movie ‘Swinder Seduction’. Perhaps a fear of many women across the globe, the new true crime movie features a chilling plot about deception, the search for justice, and plenty of seduction.

‘Swindler Seduction’ is Lifetime’s newest movie which follows the plot of a sadistic deception by Steve, who seduces Louisa after meeting her at a bar in Chicago as the duo falls in love. But Steve suddenly disappears as she realizes she’s been swindled out of thousands of dollars. Louisa then receives a phone call where someone tells her, “Mr Johnson’s finance information was false, I’m calling the cops.” Soon Louisa finds out that “Steve” coerces women into sleeping with them and then robs these vulnerable women. She later discovers that she is pregnant and takes it upon herself to find Steve after receiving no help from the police. In her search for justice, she realizes that Steve also has an equally evil twin, Mitch. But as the film graces our screens, we can’t help but wonder, is the ‘Swindler Seduction’ based on actual events? Well, here’s what we know.


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Is ‘Swindler Seduction’ based on real-life events?

According to the makers of the true-crime movie, the film is based on a real crime story. Starring Colton Haynes from ‘Teen Wolf’ in a double role and Canadian actress Gabrielle Graham, the movie uncovers how women have been hurt by the swindler twins, who are ruthless con artists. It also gives the audience a glimpse of the crimes that the two brothers have pulled off over the years. The movie is directed by the author of 'Almost Full Circle', Jacqueline Greer Graham. Producers of the film have not yet revealed how much of the movie follows the actual events. It is quite possible that filmmakers could have made up a few of the movie’s events for dramatic flair.

Is the story based on the crimes of the Conning Gann Twins?

Although makers have not revealed the actual basis of the true-crime story, the plot so far resembles the life and crimes of the Gann Twins. Brothers Simon and Jordan Gann, identical twins, made headlines for pursuing identical lives of crime. The twins have left a trail of female victims, passing themselves off as wealthy geniuses and charming the women out of their cash. But in 2008, Jordan Gann got hit with a two-year sentence for scamming a Florida woman. 


Catch the premiere of ‘Swindler Seduction' on Lifetime on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at 8/7c.