'Sweet Home Sextuplets': Eric and Courtney take the kids to speech therapy to improve their speaking skills

Eric and Courtney Waldrop take the sextuplets to a speech therapist to have them tested after they move back into their house

                            'Sweet Home Sextuplets': Eric and Courtney take the kids to speech therapy to improve their speaking skills

The Waldrops had been having a hard time staying in the trailer. However, all their worries have come to an end as the family finally moved back into their house. In the season finale of the show, Eric and Courtney revealed that their house was completed and it was time for them to get back to their normal routine. 

Even though all the children had their rooms, Eric and Courtney Waldrop still had to stay in the living room as their bedroom was not complete. However, it did not seem to affect the couple as they were happy to be back in their home. While they were thrilled to see everyone get comfortable, Courtney was worried about the rate at which the sextuplets were speaking.

She admitted that the girls were doing better than the boys as they were able to say words properly. Courtney thought the boys were lagging behind and decided to meet a speech therapist. Eric and Courtney took the sextuplets in pairs of two to make sure they had a clear picture of how everyone was doing. 

The first ones to go were Rawlings and Rayne. The speech therapist revealed that the girls were doing good. However, she suggested Rawlings could use a little help in improving her speaking skills. She suggested that speech therapy once a week would prove to be good for her. The next ones to be up were Layke and Blu.

The pair failed to say any words properly and the therapist thought they were having a hard time completing the words. She suggested the duo could come once or twice a week for speech therapy. The last ones to go in were Tag and Rayne. While Rayne did a good job impressing the therapist, Tag failed to speak properly. 

Even though the therapist thought he was on the path to becoming better, she suggested it would be helpful for him if he came to the therapy once a week. In the end, it was decided that Tag, Blu, Layke and Rawling would be coming for therapy. Courtney felt good about bringing them to therapy and getting a better picture of how they could improve.

The season finale of the show aired on October 27 at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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