The Waldrop family has moved into their mobile home and Courtney is taking this time to make some changes. The sextuplets have been growing up and in the latest episode (July 14) celebrate their second birthday. Seeing how they have been growing up too fast, Courtney thought now was a good time to say goodbye to diapers and try to potty train the sextuplets. 

Courtney thought it would be a good idea to have them trained before they went back home. However, as she tried to get them all to understand what they had to do, she found it hard to have all the six babies sit still. Most of them started crying while the others thought they had received a new seat where they could sit and eat their snacks. 

Seeing how hard it had become, Courtney admitted it had turned out to be complete chaos. Despite this, she knew it was not the time to give up. Courtney thought the sextuplets might be distracted with everything around them. Instead of training them in the living room, she decided to have two children get trained at once. Seeking help from her friend, Valerie, Courtney thought she had everything under control. However, as she tried to start the process all over again, she realized it was not easy. Even though she tried to offer them M&M's if they got trained, the sextuplets decided to not listen to her. 

As the day came to an end, Courtney quickly realized that her plan was not working and decided to put a halt. She admitted that it was not this hard to teach the older boys, Bridge, Wales, and Saylor, and looking at how hard it was getting to teach all of them, she decided it was best to give them some time and space. While she gave up on the idea of potty training, Courtney shifted her attention to celebrating the upcoming birthday of her nine children. The sextuplets also celebrated their birthday with family and were gifted a toy car for their birthdays. All of them were quick to hop on it to enjoy the ride and undoubtedly, they had the best time on their birthday. 

'Sweet Home Sextuplet' finale aired on July 14 on TLC.

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