'Sweet Home Sextuplets': The Waldrops move to a mobile home, but will it be enough for the family of 11?

The Waldrop family is all set to move their life into a mobile home but things might be more difficult than they had expected

                            'Sweet Home Sextuplets': The Waldrops move to a mobile home, but will it be enough for the family of 11?

Courtney and Eric Waldrop were looking for ways to get their house renovation started for ages but one question that lingered in their mind was — where will the family stay? Eric was convinced that they would have to find a new place to rent till the time the renovation was completed but Courtney had a hard time accepting the idea. 

Courtney thought it would be difficult for her to go to and fro from the house to the rented apartment along with the sextuplets and thought it would be a good idea to get a mobile home instead. While one might think it was a good idea, having a family of 11, a mobile house may not be the first choice. Despite this, he decided to go ahead with Courtney's decision and they managed to bring a mobile home in place. While the house looked ready to move in, they had a lot of things to put up in place. To begin with, Eric and Courtney had to make sure all the beds were put in place along with the washer and dryer. 

One thing they did not anticipate was the size of these things. Since the door was small, Eric had to remove the screws of the door to make sure everything could fit. While they managed to set up everything, as the area got filled, Courtney realized how small the house had become and it may not be liked by the sextuplets. 

To make matters worse, Courtney wondered how they would carry out the Thanksgiving dinner at their place with around 20 people coming in. This year, Courtney had taken the task of inviting everyone home for dinner but she did not expect this dinner to be carried out in their mobile home. With a small space to cook dinner for a crowd of 20, after a lot of hustle,  she managed to get everything done on time. 

As friends and relatives arrived, they all said their prayers and took every space in the house to get seated. While Courtney was worried about things going wrong and the size of the house being too small, she was happy to see that everyone could fit in and have a nice time. However, she feared that this might change in a couple of weeks. Will Courtney and Eric regret their decision to move into a mobile home? Only the coming episodes can tell. 

'Sweet Home Sextuplets' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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