'Sweet Home Sextuplets': Courtney gets harness for the children, says it is to keep them 'safe'

Courtney and Eric Waldrop decide to opt for a harness for their children even though the society might disagree with their parenting style

                            'Sweet Home Sextuplets': Courtney gets harness for the children, says it is to keep them 'safe'

Having six children can be a beautiful feeling but when it comes to taking them out, it may not be the best experience. Courtney Waldrop loves to have fun with the sextuplets but at times, things get a little out of hand. For this, she thought it would be best to get a harness. Courtney first thought about this when she had a scare that one of the sextuplets had gone missing. 

Trying to avoid thinking what the society might assume of this step, Courtney thought it was a decision that had to be made to ensure all the sextuplets were safe and sound. As she sat down in front of the camera, Courtney acknowledged that she is aware people tend to think the harness is usually for dogs and animals. However, she tried to explain her side of the story by stating that it is the best option when one has six children. Courtney admitted that it is hard to keep track of all of them and in a split second the baby could be gone. At the same time, she did not want to keep them in a stroll and thought it would be better if they could go about their business while avoiding being lost. 

For this, Courtney thought she could try the harness around them to see how the children felt about it before the family headed out to the pumpkin patch. The trial run happened to be disappointing for Courtney as all the children had different opinions about what they wanted to do. While one wanted to go in the right direction, the other opted for the left. Despite this, Courtney hoped the sextuplets would love the idea of the harness and that it could be a new chapter in their lives. She finally decided to use it on their visit to the pumpkin patch. She hoped that things would shape better than they had during the first trial. She wanted the children to love the harness as she hoped it would become their new way of living. 

As the sextuplets enjoyed their time in the field, an unexpected comment took away Courtney's joyful mood. One of the visitors commented on seeing the children on leash. However, Eric Waldrop tried to make Courtney understand that it was best to ignore them because they didn't know what it felt like to take care of six children. Courtney understood and realized it would be best to let it go. As time passed, the sextuplets became comfortable with the harnesses. Even when the family went trick or treat, the sextuplets seemed comfortable with the harness and had a nice time together. 

'Sweet Home Sextuplets' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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