'Swamp Thing' Episode 2 review: The occult and political conspiracy deepen the mystery in DC's superhero-horror series

'Swamp Thing' Episode 2 review: The occult and political conspiracy deepen the mystery in DC's superhero-horror series

The horror quotient on the 'Swamp Thing' went up a notch in the second episode, as did the action.

The episode titled 'Worlds Apart' makes it clear that the creators are trying to give a larger picture to their viewers, one frame at a time.  

As is the case with most DC shows, the recap is pretty elaborate—minus the gripping horror. The viewers get a fair idea of what's happened before the episode.

It also establishes Swamp Thing's new moniker—'Man in the Dark'. 

The Thing itself gets little screentime and that too only in the final few minutes of the episode. But we do get to see him in all his glory. 

The episode starts off with Arcane (Crystal Reed) trying to come to terms with Alec Holland's (Andy Bean) "death" from the pilot.

Soon after, her investigative instincts take over and she teams up with Matt Cable (Henderson Wade).

The second episode also dishes out a few new details and characters. 

Kevin Durand ('X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and 'Real Steel') comes in as biogeneticist Jason Woodrue, roped in by the Sunderlands' to fix the mutating, monstrous properties of the swamp. We are also introduced to Maria Stren as Liz Tremayne, a local reporter and Arcane's good friend.


There are still a few mysteries to be solved by the end of the episode.

For starters, the necromancy and the supernatural elements that were introduced are still to be explained.

The mutagens in the swamp (we're holding on to what is called to keep this review spoiler-free) that bring out the terrifying changes need some explanation.

Mears as Swamp Thing gets sporadic screentime in the second episode. (DC Universe)

Arcane's past is further revealed in the episode and the CDC doctor is still finding it hard to come to terms with the death of Shawna Sunderland (Given Sharp).

Meanwhile, Holland in the opening few minutes tries to shake off the ghastly horror that he finds himself to be transformed into. 

Apart from the horror and bits of bloody violence, much of the episode consists of discussions between characters as DC continues to consistently maintain the dark and gritty tone from episode one.


Clearly, there's more to the mystery than just dumping of illegal stuff in the swamp. There are shades of the occult, political conspiracy, and some love and reciprocation, all of which have to be tied together.

In all, the second episode is worth the wait, especially after the cliff-hanger that the pilot leaves you with. 

The second episode of 'Swamp Thing' airs Friday at 9 am PST on DC Universe.

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