Did Suzanne Morphew support Trump? Murder suspect Barry Morphew cast fraudulent vote in missing wife's name

Did Suzanne Morphew support Trump? Murder suspect Barry Morphew cast fraudulent vote in missing wife's name
Barry Morphew cast a fraudulent vote on missing wife Suzanne Morphew's behalf for Trump (Chafee Country Sheriff's Office)

Barry Morphew, who is accused of killing missing wife Suzanne Morphew, allegedly submitted a mail-in ballot voting on her behalf, for then-president Donald Trump, five months after she vanished. 

Suzanne was last seen near their home in Poncha Springs in southern Colorado on Mother's Day in 2020. Morphew was taken into custody on May 5 and has been charged with first-degree homicide, tampering with evidence, and attempting to influence a public servant in relation to his wife's disappearance. Morphew, who is already being held without bail, has now additionally been charged with forgery over the mail-in ballot he allegedly submitted in his wife's name for the 2020 election. 


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Authorities were alerted by the Chaffee County Clerk last October that they had received a voting ballot from Suzanne Morphew, despite the fact that she was missing. At that point, the mother-of-two had been missing for five months and her body had not been found.  

The ballot in question did not contain Suzanne's signature and only listed her husband as a witness. When he was questioned about the same, Barry said he submitted it because he "wanted Trump to win." "I know she (Suzanne) was going to vote for Trump anyway," he allegedly told the agent. "I figured all these other guys are cheating."

He added that he thought he would "give him another vote." The accused also claimed that he was unaware of the fact that submitting a ballot on behalf of a spouse was illegal. "I didn't know you couldn't do that for your spouse," he said. 

Suzanne Morphew's disappearance

Suzanne was reported missing on Sunday, May 10, 2021, and her body remains untraceable to date. Reports everywhere carried news of how the mother of two kids, Mallory and Macy, went on a bike ride from the home she shared with Barry Morphew and their children near Salida, in Chaffee County.

She was never seen again. For the longest time, authorities conducted multiple searches of the area but came up with nothing. And so, the case remained open and investigations continued. 

At the time of the disappearance, Barry, a landscaping supervisor, was apparently out of the station and reportedly around 150 miles away in Denver. He had also tried to maintain his innocence in the matter, releasing a video plea and even offering a $100,000 reward, which was increased to $200,000, thanks to a contribution made by a family friend.

Barry has long maintained his innocence, but his behavior has increasingly come under the spotlight in recent months. Suzanne's own brother, Andrew Moorman, said he suspected his brother-in-law had abducted and murdered his sister.

Earlier this year, Barry reportedly sold their home in Salida for $1.6 million. He had put it up on the market months ago - an act which had invited speculation about motives. According to reports, he said that he made the sale because his daughters were apparently scared to continue living in the house, believing that it was where Suzanne was abducted. He also added that strangers roaming the property made his daughters anxious.

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