'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40: Sandra Diaz leaves Edge of Extinction, fans say 'queen stays queen'

So far, the Edge of Extinction includes Natalie, Ethan, Amber Mariano, Dani, Tyson, and Rob Mariano

                            'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40: Sandra Diaz leaves Edge of Extinction, fans say 'queen stays queen'
Sandra Diaz (Getty Images)

"I'm still the queen and I'll always stay the queen," said Sandra Diaz when she decided to raise the flag and leave Edge of Extinction. 

It was a night filled with disappointments for fans of 'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40. Over the past few weeks, ever since the season premiered, the old school player's fans were rooting for have been getting voted off one by one. Thanks to the twist this season, we haven't had the need to bid adieu as yet. The players who were voted off have been set to another island (Edge of Extinction) where they will get a chance to re-enter the game at some point. But, they will have to work hard for it and the survival on EoE is much harder than the regular tribe islands. 

So far, the Edge of Extinction included Natalie, Ethan, Amber Mariano, Dani, Tyson and Rob Mariano. After last week's tribal council, Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz made their way to Edge of Extinction. 

While Parvati tells the group the rundown of her vote-off, Sandra enters the island with an even better story. She used her emotions instead of playing a strategic game and gets herself eliminated. 


After arriving on EoE, Sandra decides she's not up for the challenges and hard work Edge of Extinction has. She decides to raise her flag and head home. "I don't want to stay, because I feel like I can't do anything else. My time here is done and I've done everything I possibly can do in the world and in the game of Survivor. I don't need to do anything else to move on," Sandra said. 

"I have no interest in running up the mountain for a little scoop of rice. I'm not very good at the challenges. Everybody knows that. I feel I would be wasting my time just for an opportunity to get back in the game," she continued. To date, Sandra is the only player to have won the game twice. "I'm happy to go into retirement and know I did the best I could with what I had. At the end of the day, I'm still the queen and I'll always stay the queen," she said. 

While fans were disappointed to see Sandra eliminate herself from the game for good,  they stan with her saying, once queen always queen. Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "Tough to see Sandra go out at all, but nobody can blame her for it. She played the game MUCH longer than anyone out there should've let her. Still, The Queen Stays Queen always." 

"I am by no means a Sandra fan but 1) she's still the Queen and 2) people talk so much shit about how bad she is at challenges so it makes total sense for her not to torture herself just to lose to Tyson/Rob/Natalie," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "Sandra practicing social distancing from before it was cool. Bye, crowded island. You get em, queen, and enjoy your trip. #rhap #Survivor."

"SANDRA WILL ALWAYS BE QUEEN #SURVIVOR," a fan shared. While another said, "Sandra's got nothing left to prove, I get her decision and respect her for it. Queen stays queen." 

"Can you really blame Sandra.. she knows she has a poor chance of getting back in Queen STAYS Queen," a fan wrote. Another added, "Sandra didn’t quit the game. She quit the Edge of Extinction, a chance to get BACK in the game. Something she knew wasn’t happening. She’s still and always will be the Queen, and this changes nothing." 

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 airs every Wednesday night only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.

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