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'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 Finale: Tony Vlachos wins again and hits $2M jackpot, fans hail 'the king'

He is the second person to have won 'Survivor' twice and fans are all here for him
Tony Vlachos (CBS)
Tony Vlachos (CBS)

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 came to an end on Wednesday night with an epic three-hour finale. After surviving 40 days on an island, strategizing, winning immunity challenges, creating alliances and building a spy nest, Tony Vlachos took home the $2M jackpot after he received most of the votes from the jury members this season. He is also officially the second person to have won 'Survivor' twice.

From the very beginning of the season, Tony has played a pretty strategic and impressive game. After laying low in the competition for the initial few weeks, he started to take charge and run the game right after he won his first immunity challenge.

Even though he got a disadvantage from Natalie Anderson while she was in the Edge of Extinction, he managed to take control of the game and continue. He won four immunity challenges this season and found one immunity idol, which he used during the final six tribal council. 

He ran the season with his Cops R Us alliance that included Sarah Lacina. But when Natalie entered the game again from the Edge of Extinction, he knew he was in trouble. She started to switch things up by talking about how the castaways back at Edge of Extinction revealed that Tony is running the game. 

Though he used his only immunity idol during the final six tribal council, he fought hard for his spot in the Top 3. He won the next immunity challenge which secured him a safe spot in the Top 4. When it came to the Top 3, Natalie put him up against Sarah in the fire building challenge. Though Sarah got a head start with her fire, it eventually diminished when she added extra husk. This gave Tony the chance to step up and grow his fire, which helped cut the rope, granting him the finale spot in the Top 3. 

During the finale, prior to the Jury's voting, they examined Michele, Natalie and Tony, who were in the Top 3, regarding their outwit, outplay and outlast aspects when it came to their game this season. Though Natalie tried to throw Tony under the bus, in the end he won most of the Jury's votes, gaining him the title of the greatest 'Survivor' player and $2M. 

Taking to Twitter post the season finale, fans were ecstatic and they affirmed that Tony is indeed the King. "TONY! KING OF SURVIVOR. Thanks for the entertainment. @TonyVlachos73 #Survivor40 #SurvivorFinale #WinnersatWar," a fan wrote. While another added, "GO TONY! King of Survivor  #SpyNest #SurvivorFinale #Survivor @CBS @survivorcbs." 

"TONY!!!!!! KING OF SURVIVOR!!! LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!! #SurvivorFinale #SurvivorWinnersAtWar," a fan shared. Adding to that another said, "TONY!!!!!!!! KING TONY!!! #SurvivorFinale." 

"YEAH BABY!!!!! YES TONY!!! KING AND TWO MILL RICHER!!! #SurvivorFinale #Survivor @TonyVlachos73," a fan wrote. 

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