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'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 Finale: Michele and Natalie turn allies and fans are rooting for the duo

'Natalie is a beast. Michele is a queen,' said a fan
Natalie Anderson, Mitchele Fitzgerald (CBS)
Natalie Anderson, Mitchele Fitzgerald (CBS)

Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson working together is an alliance we never knew we needed, but definitely excited to see it happen. Fans are rooting for the duo, hoping that either one of them wins the season title. 

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 returned on Wednesday night (May 13) for its finale. At the end of the three-hour episode, one lucky contestant will walk away with $2 million, the title of the greatest 'Survivor' player, and bragging rights. The tension is real and thick, everyone seems to be walking on eggshells trying to secure a spot for themselves in the final four.

Last week, we saw Nick and Jeremy get voted off and sent to the Edge of Extinction. Back again on Wednesday, the series picked off exactly where they left. The castaways from the Edge of Extinction, returned to the main island for one last challenge that would help one of them get back in the game. Natalie who was the first contestant to get sent to the Edge of Extinction, worked hard enough to get three advantages and won the immunity challenge gaining a spot in the game.

Michele, who won immunity last week, kept up with her skills and obtained immunity once again. Safe from elimination, Michele decides to work with Natalie to decide who to take out next. Wanting to gain her trust, Natalie reveals she has an immunity idol. Both went into tribal council safe from elimination. 

Though they escaped tribal council that night, the next day, they went back into the jungle searching for an immunity idol. Natalie finds one and secures a safe spot, but Michele, on the other hand, was worried about what's going to happen to her spot in the game. 

The duo played a very strategic game and even though Michele didn't have an immunity idol, she managed to get through tribal council safe, with Ben being eliminated. Fans, who watched Natalie and Michele strategize and play the game, said they are rooting for the duo. 

"Natalie is a beast. Michele is a queen. #SurvivorFinale," a fan said. While another added, "I need Michele or Natalie to WIN #survivor #survivorfinale #SurvivorWinnersAtWar." 

"All I need and want in the world is Natalie and Michele teaming up :) #SurvivorFinale," a fan shared. Adding to that, another wrote, "Michele and Natalie working together yep yep yep DELICIOUS I’m FEASTING FINALLY SOME GOOD FOOD #survivor #SurvivorFinale." 

"The Natalie and Michele duo is what we need right now #Survivor #SurvivorFinale," a fan said while another fan wrote, "I should be rooting for Tony to win but I can’t help but cheer on Michele and Natalie! I want to see a woman win this season so bad #survivor #SurvivorFinale." 

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 airs every Wednesday night on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.