'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40: Danni lets her paranoia affect her and fans think she dug her own grave

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40: Danni lets her paranoia affect her and fans think she dug her own grave
Danni (CBS)

While Danni was off to a great start last week, she let her paranoia get the best of her tonight on 'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 which leads to her own downfall at the tribal council. 

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 returned with Episode 2 on Wednesday night, and we were in for a shocking tribal council, with the old school alliance being thrown under the bus after Danni gets insecure about her spot in the tribe. 

Last week we saw Natalie and Amber Mariano get sent packing to the Edge of Extinction after they were voted off at the tribal council. Back again this week, Rob Mariano decides to go all out for Sandra Diaz after he speculates she's the reason for his wife's elimination in the last tribal council. 

Meanwhile, during the immunity challenge, the Dakal tribe have an easy-breezy win after Sophie and Sandra finish the puzzle ahead of a very confused Rob and Dennise. Back at the island, Sele has to decide who they have to vote out during the tribal council at night.



While Rob's targets are Jeremy and Ben at first, Danni lets her insecurity get the best of her and shoots herself in the foot. Danni was off to a great start after she was a part of the old school alliance with Ethan Zohn, Rob and Parvati Shallow. But facing another tribal council, Danni gets worried she's at the bottom of her group. 

To try and save herself from being voted out, Danni throws the old school alliance under the bus by outing them out to Ben in front of Ethan himself.

She tried to turn the votes against Parvati but that didn't work in her favor after the old and new school members came together and voted her out at the end of the tribal council. Danni leaves her fire token for Denise and heads over to the Edge of Extinction. 


Taking to Twitter after the episode, fans affirmed that Danni gave into her paranoia and blew herself up.

"Great episode tonight, but sad result. Seeing Danni leave when she wanted to come back so badly for many years, holding out for all-winners, was brutal. But, kinda her own fault; you don't target Rob and Parvati...and tell them to their faces. #Survivor," one viewer posted. 


"Danni f**ked shit up and that’s why she's gone #Survivor," a fan wrote. Another said, "Danni proved herself to be out of her depth in a season of winners after being away for so long. She had nothing else going for her outside of the Old Schoolers and in one move destroyed that and made herself the biggest target for everyone." 


"Guys it wasn’t anyone’s fault but Danni's. I’m sorry but like.. #survivor," a fan wrote while another said, "Sorry Danni but you did that to yourself. Thank goodness Parvati survived but I’m so nervous about her chances going forward #survivor."

"Danni is going to feel like such a fool when she watches this episode. She dug her own grave. #survivor #teamrob," a fan wrote. 

'Survivor: Winners at War' Season 40 airs every Wednesday night only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.


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