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Noreen Rector: Survivor recalls 'terror' she felt on night 'Ninja Killer' Louis Gaskin went on rampage

Louis Gaskin murdered Robert and Georgette Sturmfels in 1989 and will be executed on April 12 at 6pm
The execution of Louis Gaskin is scheduled for April 12 at 6pm (Florida Department of Corrections)
The execution of Louis Gaskin is scheduled for April 12 at 6pm (Florida Department of Corrections)

FLAGLER, FLORIDA: Noreen Rector, a survivor of Louis Gaskin's 1989 shooting rampage, shared her memories of the anguish and "terror" at that time as correctional officials get ready to execute the murderer. The execution of Gaskin, also known as the "Ninja Killer," is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12.

Gaskin was found guilty of attacking Mary "Noreen" Rector and her then-husband Joseph, and killing Robert and Georgette Sturmfels. He ultimately received a conviction for both murder and attempted murder. Gaskin's execution is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12 at 6pm. WJXT reported on Monday, April 10 that there was a chance that the supreme court could halt his execution. Noreen claimed that she had been invited to the execution but didn't want to go and had faced enquiries from the media, according to the New York Post.


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'I'm sure I had PTSD from fear'

Rector stated in an email, "Consequently, I have had to reflect, relive, remember all that has happened since that night," according to the New York Post. She further asserted that she opposed the execution of Gaskin and would be "satisfied if Louis remained in prison, without the possibility of release."

"RIP Louis," Rector wrote at the email's conclusion. She even acknowledged in the message that it had taken her "a long time to come to grips with what happened that night." She described the way the local sheriff's office treated her and her then-husband prior to Gaskin's arrest as "equally traumatic."

Rector wrote, "I'm sure I had PTSD from fear, the terror of the phone lines being cut, the gunshot through the window, having to run outside and drive to the hospital while shots were being fired at us, sharing what we thought would be our last words, just trying to figure out what the hell had just happened to us."

'Joe was bitter'

Rector added, "Imagine, how frightening it was to not know who attacked us, and having the agency responsible for the investigation and our protection treating us like the suspect." She claimed that "therapy and time" were important for her recovery, further stating that her husband, whom she eventually divorced, struggled even more.

Rector stated, "He developed Hepatitis C years later, from blood he received because of his injuries. The therapy for this illness was months of intensive chemo like treatments. Joe was bitter." Gaskin reportedly admitted to the doctor that his guilt "was always there" after spending time behind bars. He stated, "I knew that I was wrong. I wasn't insane," according to News-Journal.