'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein': Pedophile's kink was to 'pleasure' himself on massage table as victims watched

Lifetime's tell-all documentary will be featuring testimonies of several of the multimillionaire financier's victims

                            'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein': Pedophile's kink was to 'pleasure' himself on massage table as victims watched

The alleged victims of multimillionaire financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have revealed in a tell-all documentary how his "kink" was to ask them for massages and then masturbate while they watched. Lifetime's 'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein' will be featuring the testimonies of several of Epstein's victims, mostly models, who spoke candidly about his sex trafficking ring, his most-trusted lieutenants in the operation, and the malicious influence he had had on their lives. One of those victims, Chauntae Davies, came from an unprivileged background and a broken family where she regularly experienced abuse -- emotional, physical, and sexual -- at a young age. Having decided to change her life in her teens, she moved with a cousin to Hollywood, where she found herself at parties surrounded by celebrities, models, and directors.

Kiki said she was targeted while working at The Coffee Shop (A & E)

It was at one of these parties where she met 'Gypsy,' a self-proclaimed "Massage guru to the stars." Believing he would be the force that healed her, Davies said she placed her trust in Gypsy, who eventually convinced her to pick up the trade as well. After the two became close, she said he introduced her to one of his 'socialite' clients from New York - Ghislaine Maxwell. Davies met up with a "charming" Maxwell at a Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, and after a productive conversation, she asked her to be her masseuse for the weekend at her Palm Beach residence. While Davies was not yet certified, she accepted and met Maxwell at the private airport in Santa Monica, from where she was whisked to Palm Beach in a private jet. During the ride to the mansion, Maxwell told her she would be meeting Epstein and advised her to do "whatever he wants."

She said she was led to a bathroom with a massage table, and that as soon as she put on the sheets, Epstein made his grand entrance. "As soon as I put the sheets on the table, this man came waltzing into the room and drops his robe and says, 'Hi, I'm Jeffrey' and gets on the table," she revealed. "Sort of halfway through the massage, he flipped over on to his back and asked if I minded if he touched himself."

"I had come from a background of abuse so when he asked me if he could touch himself, I just said, 'Sure' because I didn't know what else to say or do. I didn't know how to say no. I didn't know how to say I'm not okay with that. Jeffrey then told me to come over here and pushed me down, forced oral sex on me."

Benavidez said Epstein masturbated in front of her at his Zorro Ranch (A & E)

Her experience was shared by Rachel Benavidez, of Santa Fe, Mexico. Like Davies, Benavidez had a difficult and tumultuous childhood after her parents divorced when she was just four-years-old and had been a rebellious teenager who ran away from home at 13. But unlike Davies, Benavidez decided to pursue massage therapy as a career and been working towards that when she met someone who had a practice that hired therapists. Amongst the clientele was Maxwell, who took a liking to her and contracted to send her to Zorro Ranch, Epstein's 21,000-square-foot New Mexico mansion located halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque which overlooked nearly 10,000 acres of desert land. It was isolated and private. "When I first went out there, I massaged Ghislaine," Benavidez shared. "She disrobed and plopped on my table. I was trying to cover her with the towel and do all the proper draping techniques but she had no modesty."

However, she said Maxwell liked her and then invited her back so she could massage Epstein as well. "He was very intimidating to me," Benavidez said. "But I tried to be as professional as I could and asked if he had any outstanding areas he would like for me to work on, and he asked me to massage his feet."

"He then started asking me, 'Can you do my psoas,' which is closer to the groin, and before I even had a chance to think about it, he proceeded to pleasure himself. Before I knew it, he had already released himself."

'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein' will premiere on Sunday, August 9, on Lifetime. The Associated Press reported that the network has also paired with Rise, a national nonprofit working to eliminate racial discrimination, to run a public service announcement featuring Epstein survivors during the docuseries to call for a sexual assault survivors’ bills of rights. It will also air a PSA from anti-sexual assault organization, RAINN, to provide hotline information and resources for those in need.

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