"I'm trying to create the perfect me": Surgery addict reveals she spent £100,000 trying to look like Wonder Woman

Aimi Veness said her love for plastic surgery stemmed from her playing with toys like Barbie dolls as a child and wants to be as curvy as Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian.

                            "I'm trying to create the perfect me": Surgery addict reveals she spent £100,000 trying to look like Wonder Woman
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A mother has spoken up about how playing with toys like Barbie dolls when she was a child, sparked an addiction to plastic surgery so obsessive that she said she has now spent more than £100,000 trying to look like Wonder Woman. Aimi Veness from St. Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex, started injecting Botox when she was 25-years-old while working as a dancer. She then moved on to surgeries in order to maintain a youthful appearance. She confessed that playing with dolls that had perfect figures and watching shows like Baywatch and Wonder Woman made her want to have a curvy body and that she saw having plastic surgery as "going on holiday".

As of now, the 43-year-old mother has had a boob job to convert her B-cups to DDs, a nose job, eyelid and under eye surgeries, lip fillers and growth hormone injections. The most recent surgery she has added to her list is one that gave her a second Brazilian butt lift. The surgery-obsessed woman, however, said that she wants to make it even bigger and has said that she will not stop modifying her body even if it means she could die while doing it, reported the Daily Mail.

Veness' plastic surgery wish list at the moment includes a designer vagina, face-lift, and a third Brazilian butt lift. The mother-of-one says that when she was growing up, she was inspired after seeing Pamela Anderson in Baywatch but is currently trying to get the curvy figure that is sported by Kim Kardashian-West. She also mentions that she would not be averse to having "designer vagina" surgery sometime in the future.

She told the Daily Mail: "I love having surgery. For me surgery is like a holiday, I feel down when the procedures are over. It's like a hobby to me. After I had Botox I progressed to cheek fillers then one thing led to another. There are still things about myself that I don't like even now, so it's a never-ending battle. I don't worry about dying from the procedures or surgeries, life is too short. I could step out in front of a bus tomorrow or be caught in a fire. Life is so short you can't worry about what might happen because when your time's up, it's up. I'm striving for perfection. It's like a drug, you need the next thing to make yourself look better and because I have never had bad surgery I only see it positively."

"Every little bit of pain is worth it though, as I know something good is coming at the end of it. I'm quite tough-skinned and resilient, I can handle a lot of pain. I'm like Wonder Woman, I should have been a Marvel character, to be honest. I'm really critical of myself, I don't think I'll ever be happy with how I look and dread getting old. I can't see my future without surgery in it, plus as you get older, you need more. It's like a car, you have to keep it up, changing the tires and windscreen wipers."

Veness said that she will never be happy with how she looks and that she is already planning an entire set of veneers, a new boob job to replace the PIP implants she currently has, a third butt lift, and a facelift. This is all allegedly for her 50th birthday. She has said that she will continue to go under the knife till the day the surgeons refuse to do any work on her.

Veness had her second Brazilian butt lift surgery with Surgery TR about six weeks ago and the procedure left her with a sore butt and she wasn't able to sit down. She was also left with the fear that she wouldn't be able to squeeze her large behind into a plane seat. In spite of her husband, Mark, not being her biggest fan when it comes to the surgically-enhanced backside, Veness said she is going to have a third operation to make it even bigger.

She said: "My butt is so big I was concerned I wouldn't be able to sit on the airplane seat, I've had two goes of it now and would love implants, but my surgeons believe they are too dangerous. I'm worried if I keep have more work on my bum I won't be able to sit on a plane seat. My husband doesn't like my big bum, but I don't care, I am quite curvy anyway, but being curvy like the Kardashians' is very fashionable."

Because the surgery-obsessed mother altered her appearance so much, how she looked when everything was "natural" has brought her to the attention of the public. She said: "People recognize me. I'm like the freak of the town, but they know what I'm like. I have always been out there, even when I was younger. Because my son Harry, 21, grew up with it, it's normal for him too. He would never have surgery, but I think I have a certain standard for his girlfriends." 

Veness describes the surgeries as a part of her "day to day life" and is under the belief that her inspiration initially came from all of her childhood toys. She said: "I'm trying to create the perfect me, which I believe stems from us all being given Barbie and Sindy dolls at a young age. She isn't fat, with a big nose or has any flaws, she has the perfect everything. I really like Kim Kardashian now but back then my inspiration was people like Pamela Anderson and Kelly Brook."

The mother-of-one has described herself as a "plastic surgeon's dream" because of her constant obsession with any new developments in the cosmetic surgery industry. She said: "I had a nose job at 40, I'll have a face-lift at 50, so maybe I'll get a designer vagina at 60, I don't know what the future holds as they will continue bringing out surgeries."

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