Married surgeon wanted a 'taboo family' with his two nurse lovers and their children, all of them having sex with each other

Neurosurgeon James Kohut and nurses Rashel Brandon and Emily Stephens face multiple felony charges after it was found that they were allegedly raping their own children

                            Married surgeon wanted a 'taboo family' with his two nurse lovers and their children, all of them having sex with each other

A neurosurgeon, who has been accused of raping multiple children, appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday ahead of his trial for sexually assaulting multiple minors.

The 58-year-old accused, identified as James Kohut, along with two other defendants in the case — 44-year-old nurse Rashel Brandon and 31-year-old nurse Emily Stephens — were excused from the proceedings early as a Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office inspector, Kelli Freitas, detailed the nature of allegations against the three, the Daily Mail reported.

Both the nurses are accused of operating a sex ring with Kohut, which included their own children as young as three years old. Text messages exchanged between the trio were also presented as evidence in the court where the group spoke of having more children for a "taboo family" where they would all be sexually engaged with each other, according to reports.


Freitas, during the trial, also explained that while Kohut and Stephens have been involved for eight years, the surgeon met Brandon while they worked together in intensive care at Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz. It is, however, still not clear how the surgeon and Stephens met each other.

The district attorney office inspector also revealed that Stephen's four children lived in the nude and had sex with adults, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, which was presented in the court for the hearing on Tuesday.

A video, acquired by the FBI, from March 2017 stated that Stephens brought two children to Kohut's home where he orally copulated a five-year-old girl as one of the women held her arms down and touched another boy's genitals. Reports state that he also gave directions to the two women as they engaged in sexual activities with the children, as they referred to Kohut as "Dr. Daddy" in the footage.

Freitas said that Brandon began having a sexual relationship with Kohut in 2016, and during this time Kohut expressed a desire to start a taboo family by impregnating her.


Reports state that all three accused were already having sex with both Brandon and Stephens' children at the time and, at one point, they filmed a video of them allegedly raping those children, the inspector present at the court said.

Freitas also added that after interviewing the affected children, it also emerged that the trio forced them to have sex with each other and would often "pile their bodies on top of each other," according to reports. A testimony later revealed that it is possible that Stephens' children were possibly fathered by the surgeon.

Brandon, who cooperated with the authorities, told the investigators that Kohut "had told her he was molested as a young child by his nanny and her two daughters and he believed it to be a beautiful experience."

Kohut is charged with 48 felonies while Stephens and Brandon were charged with 45 and 44 felonies in an indictment filed in September 2017.