Season 14 of The CW's 'Supernatural' sees Jack stripped of his powers and struggling as a mere human

Season 14 of 'Supernatural' will see Jack adapt to a life as a powerless human being as the show airs on October 11

                            Season 14 of The CW's 'Supernatural' sees Jack stripped of his powers and struggling as a mere human

At the end of season 13, 'Supernatural' left Dean Winchester's character surrounded by many questions that we can't wait to find answers for. Now, season 14 will not only bring in changes for Dean but also for Jack. Jack had gotten pretty used to the life of an archangel but, since Lucas Barr took Jack's grace in the season 13 finale, he has to now adapt to a life as a powerless human.


In an interview with the Entertainment Weekly, Misha Collins talks about the relationship between Lucas and Jack and draws a parallel between the situation jack currently is in and Lucas was. He says, "Cas very much takes Jack under his wing and is in a unique position to help because he’s the only being in the universe who’s been through exactly what Jack is going through." Collins added, “Jack is going through that process of shedding his powers and feeling what it’s like to be human — or human-esque — and Cas has gone through all that.”

This transition will not only have an impact on Jack but also Sam says Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester in the series. “In a way, it makes Sam more vulnerable because when Jack was all-powerful, Sam just had to try and help him find his footing,” Jared said.

He added, “But now that Jack is legitimately vulnerable, Sam’s really having to be on point. He has someone he legitimately has to watch out for. So Sam now has more in common with Jack, but Sam also is now more worried about Jack.”

After all this, Jack is not going to accept his fate as a human but is going to try everything possible to get his powers back.

“That’s who he’s been his entire life,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb says. “In terms of trying to get them back, the understanding is that they will regenerate over time, but no one’s quite sure how much time.

"In the meantime, Jack is trying to learn human hunting, and is finding equal amounts of success and failure. It’s a difficult adjustment for him because he’s now a year and a half old, basically, and he’s used to having all these powers. Jack knows enough to know that his powers are not the solution to everything, but with Michael and Dean and all the stuff that’s happening, his powers could really come in handy. He knows that everyone else knows that, and it really eats away at him.”

Supernatural airs on October 11 on the CW.