'Supernatural' Season 15: Alona Tal hopes Jo Harvelle returns, says fans can make it happen, there's still time

'Supernatural' Season 15: Alona Tal hopes Jo Harvelle returns, says fans can make it happen, there's still time

As the 'Supernatural' cast and crew prepare for the final season with the premiere date set for October 10, it is hard not to get nostalgic. Especially, when it comes to beloved characters from seasons past. As the trailer suggests, a lot of the baddies the brothers have dispatched to hell over the years will be back, from Sam's nemesis, the evil clown, to the Woman in White.

But what of the good guys? Surely Sam and Dean will need help? Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal) was one female character, with a hunter's lineage like Sam and Dean, who has been a fan favorite. She is a rare exception in a fandom that barely tolerates straight female characters with even a possibility of being paired with "the boys".

Tal, speaking to MEA Worldwide (MEAWW), said "it is always a possibility" to have Jo back on the show for the final season. "I think what happened was that when Samantha [who plays Jo's mother] and I were part of the show, there were different heads of creative. But the people [running things] there have changed and I don't think they know us very well or know our characters. But I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility."

The photograph that was taken in Supernatural Season 5 Episode 10 'Abandon All Hope...', the last time the old gang was together (Source: The CW)

Speaking about the power of the Supernatural fandom to make things happen, Tal said: "The show has continuously been very in touch with their fans. If the fans really want it, perhaps there is still time. They are on episode six which means there are still a few [episodes to go]. So there is not a lot of time but, definitely, it still could happen. I'm still hoping. I just want fans to know that actors have zero power in deciding whether they'll be back or not."

Asked about her thoughts about the show ending, she joked, saying, "enough already!" about the unnaturally long life of the show that premiered in 2005. On a more serious note, she remarked that the show could have gone on for "another 15 years", adding, "But I think the boys have had enough and I salute them for deciding to end it now. I just wish that they'd end it with bringing me back." 


Asked about a possible storyline, Tal improvised on the spot. "I would like to imagine that because she sacrificed herself, it would be cool if [in the show's universe] she was given another chance at life but she has no memory. So then they [Sam and Dean] are not even certain that it is Jo and ultimately they would find out that she had been brought back... like the angels brought her back to life again. But she is a little different, mainly because I don't want to color my hair blonde again, and she is flipping burgers or something. Something that has nothing to do with hunting. But things keep happening around her and then her memory comes back."

Here's hoping for an in-show reunion. Supernatural Season 15 will premiere on The CW October 10. The season will consist 20 episodes and will air on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. (ET).


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