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'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 20 'Carry On' Preview: Finale has Sam and Dean fight [spoiler] and eat pie

This is the end, my friend. Sam and Dean Winchester go out fighting an interesting breed of monsters, connected to their dad, John Winchester, on their 'final ride' but also stop for some pie
(The CW)
(The CW)

It is kind of fitting that 'Supernatural' is coming to end on 'International Men's Day'. The show has always celebrated the different shades of masculinity -- everything from the '67 Impala muscle car, the call of the open road, to the (sometimes) dodgy hygiene, to the more emotional beats of love between brothers, fathers, and sons, and male friends.

But what does Season 15 Episode 20, titled 'Carry on' have in store for us? The episode synopsis says "Baby, it’s the final ride for saving people and hunting things," teasing that the boys will hit the road one final time on a hunt. But two sneak peek clips tell us a little more about what to actually expect for the episode. The first clip released by The CW channel shows Sam and Dean on a final mission to close a case that their dad, John Winchester, had been chasing way back in 1986. Like they have done so many times before, Sam and Dean use the Impala's hood to spread out their maps and books to figure out where they are heading. Dean is holding something with immense nostalgia value to fans -- John Winchester's famous journal from which he is reading out the case notes to Sam.

Dean tells Sam, "Dad was working on a string of kidnappings along Route 77". He pulls out the drawing made by a witness at the time to show Sam what they are dealing with -- it's a pencil sketch of a skull-shaped face. It looks very much like the monster Dean faces off against in the first look pictures from the episode and also the four "monsters" they encounter in a barn. It is not clear if the skull shape is a mask or how their faces look like. John Winchester's journal also gives the brothers the modus operandi of these skull-faced monsters. "Kids were taken, the adults were drained, had their tongues ripped out," Dean tells Sam.

Dean Winchester fights a skull-faced monster (The CW)

This is when Dean jokingly suggests they are dealing with "evil mimes", excited at the prospect of some unique foes. Sam with an eye roll suggests that they are most probably vampires. "Vamp mimes," Dean exclaims, his eyes shining about the identity of what is essentially their final 'Monster of the Week". They also deduce that the victims are usually around the ages of 5 and 10 with families who live outside town and are a bit isolated from their neighbors. They also figure out that the monsters will probably hit Canton next -- this means they just have to keep an eye on potential victims living just outside town to hunt the "evil vamp mimes". 


In another nostalgic call back to earlier episodes, we also have the brothers make a detour to hit the Akron pie fest while on the road. Sam asks Dean if he is sure about this, to which Dean replies, "It's my destiny." He even gets suspiciously teary-eyed at the beautiful sight of so many pie stalls. But he scoffs with a "you're crying,,," when Sam spots his tears. Like always, there are no half-measures and Dean returns with six slices of different pies, one of which gets splattered on his face by Sam by the end of the scene. It is refreshing to see Sam pull a prank on Dean just like old times -- there hasn't been a lot of them being pulled by either of the brothers in quite some time on the show.

But the scene also touches on something that Sam has been troubled about -- the 'death' of Cas and Jack disappearing from their lives because he is now the new God. Dean replies, "yes, I think about them too. You, know that pain is not going to go away. But if we don't keep living, all that sacrifice is going to be for nothing." He then tells Sam to quit "being a Eeyore" and get into the pie. At which point, it is Sam's moment to execute the perfect 'pie-in-the-face' move, which cheers him up instantly. "I've been waiting to do that for a long time," he smirks. 

The 'Supernatural' series finale, Season 15 Episode 20, airs on The CW on November 19 at 9 pm ET, which will be preceded by an hour-long retrospective finale special looking back on the 15 years of the show.