'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 11 sneak peek: Sam and Dean gamble it all to change their luck

After the rotten luck they've had this week, Sam and Dean Winchester are on their way to Alaska to fix their situation

                            'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 11 sneak peek: Sam and Dean gamble it all to change their luck
Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester (The CW)

Spoiler alert for Season 15 Episode 11

"It's Dean Winchester and I'm going to kick your ass!" 

This sure sounds like the next episode of 'Supernatural' will be very different than this week as Sam(Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) try to take back their hero magic. The boys are headed to Alaska in their trusty Impala, even though she's been huffing and puffing thanks to the brothers running out of luck after pissing off Chuck (Rob Benedict) aka God. 

Episode 11 'The Gamblers' takes Sam and Dean to a magical pool hall that will supposedly supercharge their lives. But, there's a catch - at this pool table, you don't play with money.  In the teaser, Dean is seen playing with a woman who says, "If you lose, I get your lives." And, it's a winner-takes-all kinda game. Danger ahead? We think so. 

If you remember, Garth had told the brothers about this magical place in the last episode but had also mentioned that it always comes at a cost. These two have been to Hell and back and defeated Lucifer and Chuck at one point so they'll probably get through whatever it is but with them losing their hero juju, this one will be a tough contest. 

There's also this constant fear of the end coming for the boys, with this final season already halfway through its course. While it will be gut-wrenching to see them meet their end after 15 seasons of monster hunting, we know it is a possibility. 

Castiel(Misha Collins) also returns in Episode 11 after taking a break this week. Dean and Cas have made amends after Cas walked out on the brothers so it will be interesting to how they deal with seeing each other again after the emotional heart to heart in Purgatory. When we saw him last, he was dealing with a couple of angel power glitches, unknown to Sam and Dean but he did save everyone's lives, so we know he's strong enough. But with Chuck back in the picture, no one is safe, especially not Castiel.

'Supernatural' airs every Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

Watch the sneak peek below: 


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