'Supernatural' season 14: Michael may not be the only character in the spotlight this season

'Supernatural' season 14 returns this Thursday at 8 pm ET on The CW and will see the return of the Winchester brothers as they face a force much greater than them combined

                            'Supernatural' season 14: Michael may not be the only character in the spotlight this season

With the new season set to premiere this week, 'Supernatural' fans have their temperatures running high as to what will happen after last season's shocking end where we saw Dean getting possessed by the Archangel Michael from an alternate reality. However, what is clear now is that the spotlight might not be on Michael this entire season. 

If you have watched the teaser for the upcoming first episode of the season premiere, one can see that Sam in utterly distraught because he has no clue what his brother's body is being used for by none other than the newest villain for the show. However, he is not ready to give up as he decides to hunt down for hints hoping something breaks somewhere just like his mother reassures him at the beginning of the trailer. 


The preview starts off by showing Sam reuniting with his mother after he was done chasing a false lead all the way in Atlanta. He was even more disappointed when he realized that the alleged angel that was sighted was just a drunken woman who had an overactive imagination. It comes as no surprise that trying to track down Michael would be a hard task. Especially with him being the strongest angel so far in existence. It wouldn't come as a shock if Dean is not found until a few episodes into the season. 

Consoling her son, Mary reveals that the rest of the team are also doing their best in order to find Dean. The gang is not ready to take any more chances when it comes to Michael so they are all set and prepared for anything to happen. 


Apart from revealing that Ketch is back in London, it is also revealed that Castiel is stationed in Detroit. Mary then states a point that something will break and maybe Michael will eventually slip and reveal himself. But Sam tends to think otherwise. 

So far, the released teasers for the forthcoming season reveal that Michael is all set to rule Hell. Although, when coming to his current character, this is something that the Michael that belonged in Sam and Dean's world would never do. In the previous seasons, it was revealed that the angel has no plan whatsoever in ruling over Hell. This proves that the current Michael is very different from the Michael we have known. 


Hit with a mysterious angel who is currently completely new to this universe, this might be the biggest challenge that the brothers would have had to face because no one is aware of the threat that Michael possess and it is also known that he is currently capable of anything. 

We can't help but wonder if Dean knows what is happening. If he does, he still does not have the power to fight back alone. Only if the brother get together and combine all their strength and powers, they may defeat the Archangel. But who knows, even that might not be enough. We will just have to wait and see when the season premieres. 

'Supernatural' season 14 returns this Thursday at 8 pm ET on The CW.