'Supernanny' Episode 2: Jo Frost helps a family transform four tantrum-throwing daughters into little angels

Frost made the Corry family understand the importance of following a routine and not tread the path of scolding and spanking

                            'Supernanny' Episode 2: Jo Frost helps a family transform four tantrum-throwing daughters into little angels
Jo Frost in 'Supernanny' (Lifetime/Patrick Ecclesine)

Everybody's favorite nanny is back in business. Returning this week for episode 2 of 'Supernanny', Jo Frost is out to help a family with four kids. 

With over three decades of experience in the parental area, Jo shares on the show that all she teaches parents are sourced from personal experience.

Last week, when the series premiered, we saw how Jo helped the Braido family with their kids and keep their house from falling apart. Parenting is definitely not an easy task, especially if you have four kids at home!

This week, we were introduced to the Corry family from Phenix, Alabama. The family has been struggling to manage their four daughters. Married for 8 years, the parents Maria and Ben were high school sweethearts. 

While Maria is a stay-at-home mom, Ben is a military medic which requires him gone for months together. It leaves Maria to take care of their kids all alone. The eldest kid is Lily who is 7 years old. Maria shares that Lily helps her with everything at home.

Blakely is 4 years old. Maria shares that Blakely is the princess of the family and gets her way with anything she wants. Tenly is the third daughter, just 2 years old. Maria reveals that she destroys everything in sight. Finally comes the youngest, Taylor, aged only one year. 

Maria goes on to share that she is soaking up every second of Taylor's babyhood, but while she loves being a mom, having four kids is chaos. We then witness the kids screaming, fighting, and food being thrown around. We also learn that Ben doesn't help Maria even when he is home. 

Lily, on the other hand, craves for some time alone with her mom and doesn't always want to be the helper.

Meanwhile, Jo witnesses that Ben's way of correcting the kids is to threaten them with spanking. And that is where she reveals that one should not condone spanking claiming it is an outdated practice and is not effective when it comes to kids. Jo goes on to say that one should be firm yet calm with the kids. She teaches the parents to build a nurturing relationship with the kids. Jo had taught the Braido family to sprinkle praises on their kids when they listen and asked the Corry family to follow the same.

Throughout the episode, Jo teaches the Corry family that it is not about kids being naughty, but about them needing a direction, a need to be guided, to be taught. She also shares that one should not give attention to mock tantrums when a kid throws one. 

Besides, Jo shared that one should follow a routine so that parents also get some time to relax and breathe. By the end of Jo's stay at the Corry family's, the kids were all well behaved and the parents followed the routine. Ben was also lending a helping hand to Maria, not letting her be the only one doing all the work. 

'Supernanny' is back for a brand new season after eight long years. It is being aired every Wednesday only on Lifetime. Check your local listings for more information.

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