'Supernanny': Jo shocked Jonathan allows 5-year-old son to play violent video games, says it 'triggers chaos'

Jo Frost took away Jonathan's video games so that he would interact with his kids more

                            'Supernanny': Jo shocked Jonathan allows 5-year-old son to play violent video games, says it 'triggers chaos'
Jonathan, Jo Frost, Brock (Lifetime)

'Supernanny' Jo Frost's visits Aubrey, Texas to help the Robertson family with the issues they have been experiencing raising their four kids. Megan and Jonathan were quite young when they started to have kids. Their oldest, Presleigh, is 12 years old and was born when Megan was 17. It's been tough for Megan and with Jonathan spending time with his video games it just puts the pressure on Megan to take care of the house and kids. 

On observation day, usually, Jo assesses the family based on their daily activities. She takes a day to process all the information and share her two cents on the situation later. But she was stunned to see how Jonathan's ''video game addiction" was triggering the chaos. What totally made her question Jonathan's habit was him allowing his and Megan's youngest, 5-year-old Brock, to play violent video games and call it a "bonding exercise."

But there were problems with Megan too, which Jo quickly pointed out. Jo observed that Megan allowed her kids to walk all over her and that's why it was time to stand up for herself. Megan nodded in agreement but Jo wasn't done yet. She ordered Jonathan to give up on his gaming and took away all of his equipment so that he would spend more time with his kids. 

Although Jonathan argued that gaming helps him bond with Brock, Jo expressed that they are on two different seats, facing away from each other and therefore, it doesn't really help with the bonding. Even though Jonathan gave all his gaming tools to Jo, he kept asking every now and then about when he can expect them to be back. Jo avoids answering the question.

In addition to this, Jo also worked on Megan and Jonathan's relationship with Presleigh. She has been wanting to chop off her tresses but Jonathan has not allowed her to do so. He feels he would lose her baby girl by letting her make a decision on a hairstyle. However, Jo suggested the parents and Presleigh come to a "healthy compromise" to ensure that everyone's happy with the end result. Jonathan said yes to the haircut and the changes in the equations were visible immediately.

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