'Supernanny': Amy Sutherland accidentally burned her 9-month-old and now won't accept help in raising her 4 kids

Amy was giving Rio, her 9-month-old, a bath in the sink when the little one turned off the cold water tap

                            'Supernanny': Amy Sutherland accidentally burned her 9-month-old and now won't accept help in raising her 4 kids
Amy Sutherland (Lifetime)

'Supernanny' came to an end with a heartwarming episode where Jo Frost let the Sutherland family know that it's okay to ask for help and that it's okay to feel the guilt, accidents happen. Amy and Justin Sutherland have four kids together. Their daughter, Rio, was in an accident when she was just 9 months old. Amy was washing her off in the sink when she realized that Rio had turned off the cold water tap. But, by the time she could turn off the running hot water, Rio's skin was burnt and she had to be taken to a burn center for immediate treatment. She had almost stopped breathing, Amy shared in her confessional, as she cried that the accident would never fade from memory. 

As Nanny Jo observed the parents go about their regular lives on Day 1, she realized that Amy had bitten off more than she could chew. She was raising four kids by herself and it felt as though it was by choice. Amy cannot trust herself fully for accidentally burning her own child, much less getting outside help looking after her children. Justin wants to be there for his kids and be that father who is around and does fun things with them, but unfortunately, his packed work schedule takes a toll on him. By the time he is home, he is too knackered to sit with the kids. 

Jo also noticed that the kids didn't have a schedule and the parents were overwhelmed by having to manage all of them by themselves. They have not had time to go out and  have fun together. Justin's mother, Cathi, who lives nearby, has offered to help but Amy has refused to take any help from her or any of their families because she feels she can do it alone. Cathi acknowledges the work Amy puts in but she is also concerned that it may impact her mental health some day. 

However, Jo was able to help Amy see that she doesn't need to punish herself for something that could have happened to anyone. And that it happens to the best of us. It was an impactful conversation, during which Jo helped Amy regain her confidence and let go of her fears. 

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