'Supernanny' Episode 3: The Richardsons have 6 kids and Jo helps turn the home's chaos into order with love

Recently, the Richardsons family went through a devastating tragedy that turned their world upside down

                            'Supernanny' Episode 3: The Richardsons have 6 kids and Jo helps turn the home's chaos into order with love
Jo Frost (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Jo Frost is the modern life Nanny McPhee, and the families featured each episode desperately need her help. Back again this week for Episode 3, Jo travels to Bogalusa, Louisiana, to help Ralph and Brittany Richardson with their six kids. 

Ralph and Brittany have been married for two years and when they met in church, it was love at first sight. Brittany was previously married to Archie for 10 years, and the couple shared four kids.

After the divorce and Brittany getting married to Ralph, the couple lived as a blended family. Ralph and Brittany also share two kids. 

Though Ralph and Archie started off rough, they eventually started to get along with each other. Recently the family went through a devastating tragedy that turned their world upside down.

Right before Archie and Brittany's eldest son's 10th birthday, Archie was killed in a car accident. Archie and Ralph were supposed to take Braylon to play paintball and after his death, his behavior changed a lot. 

Braylon is the eldest, who has issues with talking back, Aubree is eight-years-old and has an attitude, but still tries to help out in the house in ways she can. Six-year-old Jaci is very sneaky. Four-year-old Adelyn is her own person and wouldn't listen to anyone while River is two years old and Luke is three months old. 


After Jo enters their home, the couple reveals that the kids lie a lot, bully one other and are filled with attitude and disrespect. Jo says that if the couple doesn't discipline their kids now, they might never be able to.

She also says that when children grieve, it manifests their behavioral manner and leaves them emotionally confused. This is the main reason parents need to be supportive of their kids because this is when they need more guidance. 

Jo also shares that there is a lot of combativeness between Ralph and Braylon which results in Brittany having to intervene. The couple often lose their cool and end up beating the kids if they are too unruly and Ralph at times uses a paddle.

We can notice that Ralph is someone who chooses to rule with an iron fist. But Jo reveals that the kids do not need that. They need love, care, attention and a lot of nurturing. The couple needs to look into themselves and see what they can do to change themselves. 

She also adds that spanking is never an option especially if one wants to raise children who are respectful. They have to have respect for themselves first. While Brittany keeps protecting the kids, Jo shares she needs to show them that they need to listen to her and not take her for granted. 

The kids also need to learn boundaries and take responsibility for their actions. She starts off by giving the kids age-appropriate house chores because it would help them build their self-esteem and they would probably continue it.

Jo teaches the parents that when the kids comply, they should be appreciated. But they need to respect authority too. 

After three days of teaching the parents how to control their kids, one can notice the massive change in the Richardson household. From kids who used to beat one another up and run around the house screaming the entire day, it was a welcome change to see them doing their chores and not create a ruckus in the house.

Jo didn't just uplift the souls of the family, but also fans.


Taking to Twitter after the episode, a fan wrote, "I must say @Jo_Frost is uplifting all of our souls tonight. Your parenting advice and your words of wisdom I guarantee is helping so many right now with whatever they could be facing. Love ya, Jo!" 

"Great words of encouragement from @Jo_Frost to Brittany! #SuperNanny," a fan shared while another wrote, "I love beautiful moments and I Love @Jo_Frost

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