'Supermarket Sweep': Jackie and Sherry from Team Makeup dazzle the floor, fans say 'Who doesn’t love Drag Queens'

It was a breath of fresh air and fans were seen celebrating and cheering their favorite teams on social media

                            'Supermarket Sweep': Jackie and Sherry from Team Makeup dazzle the floor, fans say 'Who doesn’t love Drag Queens'
Leslie Jones (Getty Images)

ABC’s reboot of the 60s classic game show ‘Supermarket Sweep’ created quite a bit of buzz among fans with the latest episode. For the first time in the game show's history, they had participants who choose to show their talent off by stepping on the sweeping floor in full drag. Team Makeup, because drag queens love makeup, consisted of the hilarious Jackie and her partner Sherry and fans couldn't get enough of them and neither could host Leslie Jones. 

It was like a breath of fresh air and fans were thrilled to bits. What other way than to celebrate with some rainbow energy making America gay again, as one tweet said, “@SuperSweepABC is getting gayer and gayer every week, and I’m here for it.” Another supporter of the community said, “Who doesn’t love #DragQueens?”




Like many other professions, the drag queens have been out of work since the Covid-19 lockdown and although they could not win the game, they definitely won hearts, “My mom watching #SupermarketSweep: I wanted the drag queens to win because they haven’t been able to work. Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat are amazing queens and I’m glad we got to see them this week!” said one tweet.

“@JACKIEBEAT is killing me (in all the right ways) on #SupermarketSweep! If @Lesdoggg ever needs I fill in I nominate Jackie!” said another.




For the first time in the show, apart from having drag queens, there was also a tie. Team makeup and Team Meatloaf ended up scoring the same number of points which is 3342. The tie breaker shocked the fans as it came down to counting the cents that the teams have scored. Team Meatloaf ended up having more cents than Team Makeup and went on to the final round. They also won the $100,000 cash prize making the duo the second team to win the prize money. 

“A TIE? OH MY GOODNESS,” wrote one fan. “That Big Sweep came down to literally CENTS! First time I've ever seen that happen!” said another tweet. “In cents: .43 for Makeup and .61 for Meatloaf! That's how you break a tie. "Give it up for Makeup!" Meatloaf goes for the $100K,” wrote a fan of the show. “Team Meatloaf had 1 minute less time than Team Makeup, and they won by 18 cents,” wrote yet another fan.








Catch ‘Supermarket Sweep’ every Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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