'Superman & Lois' Episode 1 Spoilers: Who is The Stranger and why does he want to destroy Clark Kent?

In the first episode of The CW's 'Superman & Lois', Clark Kent and Lois Lane take a tough decision that affects their entire family

                            'Superman & Lois' Episode 1 Spoilers: Who is The Stranger and why does he want to destroy Clark Kent?
Tyler Hoechlin Clark Kent aka Superman in The CW's 'Superman & Lois' Episode 1 (IMDb)

'Superman & Lois’ Season 1 starring Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch as Clark Kent and Lois Lane premiers on February 23 on The CW. The show is the seventh official spinoff from the Arrowverse but has set a very high standard than previously released shows like ‘Supergirl’ or ‘Batwoman’. Unlike the other DC shows or movies, where we saw Kent facing the dangers from outer space, ‘Superman & Lois’ story starts from home, where the life of the super couple changes when it comes to their 14-year-old twins.

In the first episode of ‘Superman & Lois’, we do not directly jump to the story of Kent, but we see it from the very beginning – the moment when he landed on Earth for the first time. The beautiful montages offer a sense of relief to those viewers who have not previously seen shows from Arrowverse. In the premiere episode, Kent and Lane do not even mention the characters from ‘Superwoman’ or ‘Arrow’, giving it a more of a stand-alone feel.


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Tyler Hoechlin in The CW's 'Superman & Lois' (IMDb)

The Twins

In the very beginning, Kent and Lane are presented with an opportunity that takes them back to Smallvile – the place where Kent was brought up by his Earth parents. However, the transition is not so well for their children – Jonathan and Jordan, who have their own issues. One of Kent and Lane’s biggest conflicts is whether to tell their children that Kent is Superman. They are in a dilemma that if they tell their children, then there are chances that both of them might have some alien powers, just like their father – or worst – only one of them has the powers, and the other one is just a normal human kid.

In the end, it’s about their children’s safety, and like any suburban parents, Kent and Lane do precisely what is right for their family – tell their children the truth! However, things start to take a different turn when Superman meets one of his worst enemies – The Stranger.




What does The Stranger want?

‘Superman & Lois’ features a mysterious character called The Stranger (Wole Parks), who somehow knows everything about Superman. The first episode features him as someone who wants to go against everything that Superman stands for so that he can destroy him for good. His character description came with the notion that he's determined to show the world that Superman isn't needed.

In DC Comics, there is not a character specifically called The Stranger, there is, however, a character called The Phantom Stranger. The popular supernatural character deals with magic, and he somehow believes that the universe does not have a need for Superman anymore. That being said, The Stranger in ‘Superman & Lois’ does not seem to have magical powers like The Phantom Stranger, but it has everything that scares Superman.



Right after Kent talks with his children about his superhero powers in the mid of the episode, The Stranger comes to destroy him once and for all. What starts from there goes to a narrative that shapes the forthcoming episodes, leaving the viewers asking more.

'Superman & Lois' season 1 premieres on February 23 and episode 2 will premiere on March 2, 2021, on The CW.

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