'Supergirl' Season 5: What happened to the Leviathan storyline after the Crisis?

'Supergirl' Season 5:  What happened to the Leviathan storyline after the Crisis?
Rama Khan and Julie Gonzalo (IMDb)

Relationship drama, rupturing of friendships, showdowns, multiversal crises and an ominous terror organization ― 'Supergirl' has had a lot going on, in its fifth season. However, with the coronavirus pandemic strengthening its vice-like grip over the world, the CW show has had to wrap up the season rather quickly. How will they do that, with Leviathan and Lex Luthor still at large? 

First introduced as a menacing and threatening secret organization, Leviathan has been somewhat relegated to the sidelines, only appearing in eerie glimpses. Before Crisis there was a lot to know about the organization. To be fair, Leviathan's darkness slightly evaporated, after we learned about their backstory in one episode. They're an alien race who crashed on Earth, millions of years ago and now, they're just sick of humans running the planet. They have no mercy and are as deadly as it can get. They pursued Andrea Rojas under the promise of ensuring the welfare of her father and business. And then they killed off her boyfriend. This is just before Crisis.

And then after the Earth was rebirthed, Leviathan was just mentioned by Lex (Jon Cryer) several times. He is keen to know what they're about and has deadly plans of his own. 

But then we've been focusing on Back To The Future storylines and Alex Danvers's adventures, with teasing glimpses of Leviathan. The old Leviathan lady has been wrapping up people like burritos and the latest victim is Alex's father Jeremiah. So will Leviathan finally take the stage by the end of the season? 

Apart from this, there's a possibility that William Dey (Staz Nair) might just stumble upon the truth. The showrunners are rather keen to prove that there is more to him than just being Kara Danvers's potential love interest. In the latest episode, William is keen to know what Lex is up to and is convinced that he is onto something. So will William join Kara in an epic showdown with Lex and Leviathan? Or, will William be kidnapped by Leviathan or killed by Lex? In all probability, he might just be relegated to being Kara's lover, but let's see.

'Supergirl' airs on CW, Mondays at 9 pm.

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