'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 19: Mama Luthor and Lex promise hell for Season 6, fans are worried

Fans said they are actually eager to know what Lillian Luthor has in store for Supergirl

                            'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 19: Mama Luthor and Lex promise hell for Season 6, fans are worried
Lex and Lillian Luthor (The CW)

What's worse than one Luthor? That's right, two of them. Lena (Katie McGrath) might have finally come to her senses and swung over to the good side in time, but Lex (Jon Cryer) is still glowing with evil. And now, he has Mama Luthor as the perfect ally. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? 

In the makeshift finale of 'Supergirl', Lex's dreams of Leviathan killing Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) are crushed thanks to Brainy (Jesse Rath). But he has his contingency plans in place and is going to use Leviathan's power to destroy Kara and her team. Cheerily, he tells a dying Brainy that he will just have to do it himself. The episode ends with Lillian Luthor and Lex walking away to plan their next diabolic move. Unfortunately, it will be a year before we can see what havoc they will actually wreak.

Nevertheless, fans are panicky about this mother-son duo. Some say Lillian Luthor is the real star and are actually eager to know what she has in store for Supergirl. "Lillian Luthor is everything. I don't care about Lex, they could kill him off in the first eppy next season and just give me evil Lillian and I would be happy (even though I love Jon) #Supergirl."

Others noted that Kara has her hands full now. "So next season Kara has to deal with Lex Luthor, Lillian Luthor & crazy cyborg lady. Plus we don't know if Brainy is alright, we don't know if William is alright etc. I can't believe we have to wait until April/May next year to find out what happens! Damn virus!" a fan wrote.

"Objectively, I know Lex and Lillian are the bad guys, but I just love them so much," a fan wrote. "If we are keeping lex and lillian for another season and lena working with kara to defeat them, then can we please also get lena working through the trauma she faced at their hands?" a fan tweeted.

Another fan was just plain cynical. "What was the cliffhanger??? Lex and Lillian doing some dumb shit again? Please i’ve seen that in every season since they were introduced, #Supergirl," they wrote. Well, what do they have in store?

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