'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 19 Finale Review: Lex Luthor is here to stay but Leviathan is given the boot

The makeshift finale of 'Supergirl' was an exciting and an impactful one

                            'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 19 Finale Review: Lex Luthor is here to stay but Leviathan is given the boot

Spoilers for Season 5 Episode 19 'Immortal Kombat'

And BAM! That's how it's done...sort of? As far as makeshift finales go, this one wasn't bad at all and definitely had elements of what a good finale should be. Considering 'Supergirl' has been all over the place in Season 5, this episode was a little bit of a relief. But once again, after an entire season building up what a creepy alien organization Leviathan is, it got thwarted in this episode...thanks to Brainy (Jesse Rath), who decided to save the day, by almost sacrificing his life. The word 'almost' is used here, because we have extraordinary hope that Nia (Nicole Maines) will rush and save him. Brainy-Nia shippers will riot, otherwise.

Nevertheless, 'Immortal Kombat' was packed with excitement, fun and a whole lot of action. Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) spent most of the episode apologizing to an icy Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist). To be fair, Kara spent half the season apologizing to her, so it won't hurt to see Lena grovel a little. Kara finally told Lena that yes she made one mistake, but hello, Lena left her to die and even used Kryptonite on her.

All's well that ends well and these two warm up to each other at the end of the episode. They shake hands...er no hug, sorry Supercorp fans. And they unite to bring down Lex....who seems to have his own contingency plans in place, to kill Supergirl and her squad. Seriously, Lex is THE best villain that the show has. 

He has got Mama Luthor on his side now. Apart from these Lena-Kara moments that added to the whole fun factor of this episode, there were other elements like the team pulling a 'Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows' moment and all of them becoming Kara and almost getting killed.

And there was Brainy, who pulled all the heartstrings. Jesse Rath's twin sister who played his female doppleganger. 'Supergirl' normally is a little wobbly when delivering emotional impact, but these tearful scenes with Brainy almost dying...really made the cut. And now we have to wait for an entire year to know whether Brainy survived or if Nia saved him or just watched him die. In the end, Leviathan crumbles, proving that Supergirl has just one big bad: Lex Luthor

Comedy, drama, action, a 'Supergirl' episode, we can finally work with. 

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