'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 18: Kara calls Lena hypocrite, fans say Girl of Steel is the 'CEO of hypocrisy'

'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 18: Kara calls Lena hypocrite, fans say Girl of Steel is the 'CEO of hypocrisy'
Lena Luthor and Supergirl (CW)

The Kara-Lena seesaw on 'Supergirl' is driving fans up the wall. After defending Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and begging her for forgiveness throughout the season, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) has turned a 180 degree and in a rant to her sister Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) is accusing Lena for being a hypocrite, after she broke into the fortress in the previous episode.

There had almost been a chance of reconciliation between the former friends, but that's gone down the drain now. Fans say that Kara is behaving out of character and that the 'Supergirl' writers are ruining the show with this erratic behavior. And, they're furious with Kara for verbally attacking Lena. Well, to be fair, Lena is still working with Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer), so maybe Kara does have a slight reason to distrust her? Just saying.

"Kara goes from defending Lena against all odds that she’s not like her family to lumping her in with her abusive brother. Girly keeps flip-flopping back and forth more than a fish out of water," wrote a fan.

"Kara legit just sounds so bitter that lena chose her brother over kara #Supergirl," tweeted another fan.

"Me watching kara suddenly think lena's a villain after being her number one defender for five seasons...."

"Howd they make Kara unlikable ?? On her own show?? The f**king writing on this show man. In one sentence they had Kara turn on Lena. Can y'all get y'all's she together ???" wrote another fan.

"Kara calling lena a hypocrite when she's the one who is..." an angry fan wrote.

"ACCUSES YOU OF HYPOCRISY!!! You are currently the CEO of hypocrisy! Misses The Luthor name doesn’t deserve Lena," another fan tweeted.

"Lena isn’t working with Leviathan. So I hope Kara apologizes to Lena for thinking that. Just saying," a fan tweeted.

"I’ve never seen a show sabotage their characters as much as this show. To have Kara go from being Lena’s only supporter to her thinking she’s just as bad as Lex IS SUCH A 180 and it’s not like she slowly came to that viewpoint she straight up switched her pov like that," another fan wrote. 

However, others say that they don't blame Kara for not trusting Lena.

"Kara does not trust Lena and I don't blame her not one bit," tweeted a fan.

Tune into 'Supergirl', CW to see what's happening! 

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