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'Supergirl' Season 5 Episode 14: Why would Lena trust a psychopath like Lex and not her best friend Kara?

We see a side of Lena that we haven't witnessed in a long time, now she is completely alone and is leaning on her diabolic brother Lex Luthor
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
Lena Luthor (IMDB)
Lena Luthor (IMDB)

In a white flame of virtue, Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) offered the olive branch to ex-BFF Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). Lena has been filled with venom for Kara as the latter did not reveal she was Supergirl and she had to find out the truth in an unpleasant manner. So, Lena has been downright iffy with Kara — to the point that she has left her to die.

In the previous episode of 'Supergirl', in a desperate attempt to salvage her friendship with Lena, Kara explored different timelines where she tells Lena the real truth. Sadly, none of these have a happy ending.

Kara finally comes to terms with Lena's new behavior and tells her that she will not harbor feelings of guilt anymore. If Lena wishes to fight evil, then they are on the same side. Else, Kara would treat her like any other villain.

In the latest episode of 'Supergirl', we saw a side of Lena that we haven't witnessed in a long time. She is alone. Completely alone. And the worst part? She's leaning on her diabolic brother Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) for support. He manipulates her at every chance he gets, convincing her that Supergirl doesn't care about her. Lena falls for it every time, because it's much easier to swallow a pack of lies at the hands of a murderous psychopath than listen to your best friend who has always looked out for you. Seriously, why Lena? Killer brother is better than best friend who saves you every time you're in trouble? Can't see the math.

Lena doesn't want to be a villain. She isn't a hero either and the dilemma is clearly visible on her face. That's what makes her one of the best characters on the show — the numerous greys in her character make her more enticing.

Lena is going forward with her Non Nocere plan, and apparently with Lex's help. Yup, this is going to end well. For sure. She has good intentions and wants to save the human race but Lex, obviously, doesn't. She runs a constant risk of treading down the dark path if she continues to be with Lex. He knows her weaknesses and exploits them to the best of his abilities. 

So coming back to the main question. Why does Lena forgive Luthor and not Kara?

'Supergirl' airs on CW Sundays at 9pm.