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'Supergirl' Season 5 Ending Explained: Brainy may be as good as dead, Lex and Lillian Luthor are duo from hell

Lex takes the 'bottled up' shrunk gods, delivers the container to Lillian Luthor and says ominously, L'et's get to work'. What those two have planned, we'll only find out a year later
Jesse Rath as Brainy (CW)
Jesse Rath as Brainy (CW)

'Supergirl' is one of those shows that you really don't expect the good guys to die. However, after the latest episode, it is quite possible that the showrunners want to change that around and twist the knife, just a little. Brainy (Jesse Rath) decided to save his friends from Leviathan by sacrificing himself.  He realizes that Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) never means well for the world. About time, Brainy.

As Lex could enter the Leviathan spaceship, which is hidden in a "casino", he gets a pin that will protect him from the life-threatening force-field surrounding it. After finding out about the spaceship's location and realizing that Lex plans to kill Supergirl and the rest of her team, Brainy enters the ship and uploads the code that will shrink Rama Khan and gang. This would mean that he had to stand at the console, without moving at all, almost being killed by the force-field. Yet, his female doppelganger stands by his side and gives him all the support that he needs, while Nia (Nicole Maines) has peculiar dreams about him dying.

Brainy managed to shrink the gods, despite the villainous force-field almost suffocating him. Lex finds Bainy on the Leviathan spaceship and is exasperated that he was betrayed in the end. Yet, this seems to have been part of the plan too. Lex takes the "bottled up" shrunk gods, delivers the container to Lillian Luthor and says ominously, "Let's get to work". What those two have planned, we'll only find out a year later.

Meanwhile, what happened to Kara? After saving Eve Tessmacher, they learn that Leviathan had drawn a lengthy plan of drawing billions of people into the Obsidian VR World and then killing them all. Kara is unable to power down the tech and so has to enter the virtual reality to coax them into ending the simulation. Lena (Katie McGrath) created multiple versions of Kara so that she could deliver her speeches to each of them. Lena really played the hero in this season, she stopped Andrea (Julie Gonzalo) from killing Supergirl saying that she believes in her.

Oh, and now Lena and Kara are BFFs again and promise to bring down Lex. Yay for girl power, but how will they bring down Lex? And, will Nia save Brainy in time? We'll see 365 days from now.