'Supergirl' Season 4: How does Lex Luthor's revival impact the world of Kara?

'Supergirl' Season 4: How does Lex Luthor's revival impact the world of Kara?
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'Crisis on Infinite Earths' saw the return of Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) and his comeback will hurt Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) more than anyone. Plus, the fact that he killed Earth-96s Kingdom Come Superman (Brandon Routh) and take his place as a Paragon isn't exactly going to sit well the team either. At the moment it is unclear if Luthor will survive the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) onslaught, but it does seem too premature to kill off the character after he was revived from the dead. 

Should he make it out alive, then the storyline for 'Supergirl' gets a lot more interesting as it will also include Luthor as a crucial part of the episode. Will this mean there will be a Lena-Lex team-up considering her serious hate for Kara and team Supergirl? The Leviathan angle has to be explored and Lex Luthor's return makes an interesting addition to the series. At the moment, what we're sure of is that the post-Crisis 'Supergirl' will devote the majority of its storyline to solving the Leviathan issue. 'The Wrath of Rama Khan' saw Mitch Pileggi be pulled off his job by the Gamemnea (Cara Buono). The latter, who was revealed to be an Atlantean, will have a role to play as well.


For now, the entire focus is on the multiverse-shattering battle and it remains to be seen how the heroes and villain go about decimating the Anti-Monitor. 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' is the Arrowverse's biggest crossover till date and has aired three parts already. 

What are your thoughts on Lex Luthor's return to 'Supergirl' if he survives the 'Crisis'. 

'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Part 4 returns with 'Arrow' on January 14, 2020.

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