'Supergirl': Lex and Lena Luthor deserve their own spinoff show, here's why

'Supergirl': Lex and Lena Luthor deserve their own spinoff show, here's why
Lena and Lex Luthor (The CW)

'When there's smoke, there's a Luthor," Kara (Melissa Benoist) got it right because those two siblings can bring the storm or a gentle drizzle, according to their moods. Unlike many of the characters on 'Supergirl', they're not black-and-white, and that's what makes them so fascinating. Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) has been diabolic since the beginning and is even more so in the post-Crisis world. He was killed by Lena at the end of Season 4, but was resurrected in time to save the world during the 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'. Yes, even Lex Luthor couldn't believe that he was the hero. Though the rest of the world saw him as one, Supergirl knew that he was up to no good. 

For a long time, Lex managed to manipulate Lena into believing that she was alone and that Kara had betrayed her. He played on Lena's vulnerabilities and knew how to touch the raw nerves. In the previous episode, Lena discovered the intent of Lex's plans and in a fiery showdown scene, she told him to back off. That scene was a reminder of the power and chemistry of the Luthor siblings, and that they really deserved a show of their own. From their dialogue delivery to their expressions, it goes without saying that a show focusing on just the two of them would be explosive. With these characters, the show finally explores some complexity of characters.

Though Leviathan was meant to be the big bad of the season, it's Lex Luthor who took the reigns. Somehow, Leviathan paled in comparison to Lex's sinister charisma. 

Coming to Lena Luthor, it's no surprise that she is a fan-favorite. She is the ice queen. She has been betrayed and hurt by everyone she loves, and that leads her to take extreme decisions. For most of the season, Lena believed that Kara had broken her trust as she did not reveal the truth about her secret identity. She was determined to make Kara hurt and suffer, and if that included leaving her for dead, then so be it. Kara begged for forgiveness several times, and then finally gave up. Lena realized that Kara wasn't the villain that Lex painted her out to be, and has finally decided to join forces with her. 

Yet, while Kara remains virtuous and the cute lovable friend, it's Lena who grabs attention with her frigidity and layered character. Can we expect a Lena and Lex spinoff?

Meanwhile, tune into 'Supergirl' on Sunday at 9 pm on The CW and see who wins the epic showdown between Lex Luthor and Team Super.

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