'Stranger Things' mom to ancient alien in 'Supergirl': Cara Buono has made quite a cool jump

'Stranger Things' mom to ancient alien in 'Supergirl':  Cara Buono has made quite a cool jump

Cara Buono won much acclaim for her performance as Karen Wheeler in 'Stranger Things'.  In the sci-fi show, she played the role of Mike's (Finn Wolfhard) overbearing mother, who has her heart in the right place. Like every maternal figure in such shows, she is seen as a stereotypical TV mom, who is trapped in a loveless marriage and is just worried about the well-being of her children.

However, Cara surprised her fans when she appeared in 'Supergirl' as Gamemnae, in the latest episode. Gamemnae is an ancient alien, who has been protecting the Earth from the crimes of humanity, throughout the ages. She aims to use technology as a weapon to subjugate humans. She is powerful, witty and ruthless, and is 10 steps ahead of her enemies. This agenda throws her into conflict with allies, and with of course, Supergirl herself (Melissa Benoist). In the next episode titled 'The Wrath of Rama Khan', Gamemnae might just take on Kara.

In the comics, Gamemnae was one of the Justice League's most powerful foes, an Atlantean who hated humans on land. She first appeared in JLA (1997) #69 as an ancient Atlantean who was exiled, learned magic, and then came back to Atlantis to lift the city out of the sea and turn its people into air-breathers. This is quite an interesting and fun jump for Buono, as an actor. No longer just a concerned TV mom who was considering adultery, she gets to be a vengeful alien too. 

Buono has proved her versatility in acting in 'Monsters and Men', 'The Romanoffs' and 'The Bad Seed'. She has also been Emmy-nominated for her work as Dr Faye Miller on 'Mad Men'. Apart from this, Buono has several prominent shows to her credit, including appearances in 'Law and Order', 'ER', and 'CBS Schoolbreak Special'.  

The next episode of 'Supergirl' will air on December 1, CW.

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