Super Potty Trainer nets $300,000 deal on 'Shark Tank', Lori Greiner crowns Daymond John 'The King of Poo'

Daymond John said Lori Greiner 'is no fool when it comes to stool'

                            Super Potty Trainer nets $300,000 deal on 'Shark Tank', Lori Greiner crowns Daymond John 'The King of Poo'
Judy Abrahams and Christopher Guerrera pitch the Super Potty Trainer on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

When it comes to pitching on 'Shark Tank,' having a good product is key. But along with that, it is essential to have good sales numbers, all your facts in place and a plan in action. Otherwise, you'll find yourself to be a sitting duck.

The Super Potty Trainer team of Judy Abrahams and Christopher Guerrera definitely had a good product in place. But with not so great numbers to boast of, the duo found themselves in hot water real quick, when they asked for $300,000 for 10% equity. 


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What are Super Potty Trainers?

The Super Potty Trainer "consists of steady back support that allows the child to sit 'directly' on the toilet on day one and adjust the size of the toilet seat as the child grows. With its non-skid high-density silicone pads and the weight of the child, the Super Potty Trainer will not move, defeating the fear of falling in the toilet." 

Founder Judy Abrahams and Christopher Guerrera, who handles production, walked in asking for $300,000 for 10% equity. Abrahams explained that she had to quit her job in 2021 in order to potty train her daughter, seeing that her then three-year-old was afraid of falling in the pot and thus began to hold it in.

But after she realized that her child needed good back support, she came up with the Super Potty Trainer. Robert Herjavec, who is the father to three-year-old twins, agreed that the process is tiring and that this product was an easy and effective solution.

The Super Potty Trainer, as seen on 'Shark Tank' (Twitter/ @ABCSharkTank)

While Christopher Guerrera explained that at a production cost of $2.30 cents with a patent, the product was manufactured in the USA. However, when it came down to sales, is where things went south. Having made only $60,000 in sales and with 55,000 units in inventory, the sharks were not convinced. Guerrera also mentioned that they had a $1.1 million purchase order from Walmart, but on further probing, the sharks found out that it was still in talks. As Kevin O'Leary simply put it, the two of them "came too early and asked for too much." 

The sharks soon began to back out, until it came to Daymond John, who said he would have gone in with Lori Greiner, had she not backed out. Greiner took up his offer and without discussing the same with him, said that she would give them $300,000 for 50% equity with John, who had also written down the same number. Abrahams and Guerrera took the offer without hesitation. 

Abrahams got emotional over the deal too, seeing that she explained that she'd put so much on the line to make this happen, and it was surreal to see her dreams come true.

Lori Greiner and Daymond John, as seen on 'Shark Tank' (Instagram/ @sharktankabc)

Fans took to Twitter to voice their support. "@LoriGreiner @TheSharkDaymond CONGRATS, Queen & ‘King of Poo’! I LOVE IT! They made me cry. But tears of determination, tears of happiness when DREAMS COME TRUE for deserving people! THE BEST! Thanks you two! I love you both to pieces! #sharktank ' tweeted a user. 'Congratulations to  @LoriGreiner and @TheSharkDaymond and #SuperPottyTrainer! I hope y’all sell the crap out of that genius product! #SharkTank' added another.



Lori Greiner was quick to tweet about the product too, seeing that Daymond John was now the "King of Poo", seeing that he has always referred to her as the "Queen of Poo". And, as he famously put it, Greiner "is no fool when it comes to stool." "See why @TheSharkDaymond & I love the Super Potty Trainer & get yours here! #SharkTank @ABCSharkTank' she wrote.


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