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What is Super Follow? 'RIP Twitter' trends as Internet roasts new feature: 'We only asked for edit button'

Not many users are pleased on Twitter with the Super Follow option and some are saying nobody's tweet deserves to be paid for
UPDATED FEB 26, 2021
Twitter is set to introduce its Super Follow button (Getty Images)
Twitter is set to introduce its Super Follow button (Getty Images)

Now there's more reason to write and share that snarky post on Twitter. With the new Super Follow button, creators could gain paying subscribers and sell them access to certain content, deals and groups for a monthly fee starting at $4.99 per month. Twitter on Thursday, February 25, revealed the new feature which will allow users to earn money from their tweets and other content.

Super Follow is set to compete with other creator monetization platforms such as OnlyFans and Patreon, 9to5Mac reported. It may also compete with newsletter platform Substack. The company recently bought Revue, another newsletter company that gives all types of writers a way to monetize their audience. At the company's analyst day on Thursday, Twitter said that this is a "very early exploration" of e-commerce on the website. Twitter shared some images of what Super Follow will look like.



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'Paid subscription service to watch a dumpster fire'

Twitter users were not really too pleased with the development and said they just needed an edit button instead of their new OnlyFans-like solution. "Twitter can now let me charge Followers for exclusive content? I would never do that. If I want to get naked and charge I'll use Onlyfans. Naked on here is free and comes with a barf bag. Just give us the DAMN EDIT BUTTON. RIP TWITTER," said a tweet.

Another said, "I ask for an edit button, they offer a paid subscription service to watch a dumpster fire. RIP Twitter." A Twitter user came up with a novel idea. "everyone losing it in RIP Twitter over super follows, how about instead of charging for tweets" — and added an image that read: 'Buy my silence. Permanently. $8000 dollars per month. For $8000 dollars a month, I will stop.' Another user quipped, "RIP Twitter is trending  Like they could have given us the edit button instead of OnlyFans from Wish."





'No one's tweets are worth paying for'

"No one. I repeat. No one’s tweets are worth paying for. RIP Twitter paid content," said a tweet. "So, now I can't fix my typos, but you CAN pay to read them! RIP Twitter #riptwitter #twitter@jack," said another. Some wondered why Twitter was trending at all because of a feature that was optional. "“RIP Twitter” was trending because of an optional feature," said a tweet. Another said, "RIP TWITTER All we wanted was a folder feauture thingy in the bookmarks section.